Is Opus Dei another secretive and cultlike lodge?

MaltaToday has told us that“Opus Dei is a small but powerful organisationwithin the Catholic Church officially known as the Prelature of the Holy Cross and Opus Dei. Its members believe they are called to serve God not just through personal spiritual acts but also through how they conduct themselves in their professional and family lives. They abide by strict conservative teachings and generally maintain a level of secrecy often choosing not to volunteer their membership to people outside the church.“

The mind continues to boggle about these so-called secret societies or societies with secrets. Malta Today should be a little more investigative. Now please don’t tell me to look at such societies with objectivity. In no way am I saying that we don’t find good and decent people in each and every secret society or cult. In all secret societies there is also the problem of a fraternity within a fraternity where the good ones on the outer fraternity are used to shield the bad ones in the inner fraternity. Some societies started with good-intentions. Others didn’t. Good-willed people are found everywhere. Just like in every day life you find the good and the bad.

I think we all agree that even if we have a look at very dangerous cults which have made headlines around the world for many years like “Love has Won” “School of Prophets ” and “Angels’ Landing” we all agree how the founders sold themselves as being God’s angel or that they killed someone because they received such a revelation from God.  Let us start facing reality head on stop beating around the bush and call a spade a spade.

It is the time in history to unravel the knot so to clean this country and this world from the mess that it is in – which trust me from research it is being run by a much higher extremely dangerous ‘group’ than the Mafia itself.

Opus Dei has sparked debate even among Catholics and its recruitment practices have been criticized with critics and former members claiming it aggressively targets young people. It has also been accused of  secrecy cult like practices and political ambitions. Opus Dei was elevated to the rank of personal prelature in 1982. This means that Opus Dei is a part of the Catholic Church and the members’ apostolate is directly under the jurisdiction of the Opus Dei prelate wherever they are.

According to the Maria Auxiliadora Prayer Group deceit is a common practice in Opus Deiwhich has turned into a sect working as a secret lodge. Good-willed persons were attracted and suffered undesirable experiences.

I think we all agree that Christ is the Way the Light and the Truth. Living Christ-consciousness has nothing to do with manipulating secret lodges.
This topic will be dealt with in more of my writings. The same for freemasonry. It is up to the readers to connect the dots.

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