Croatian MEP Mislav Kolakušić: “Was the war in Ukraine initiated by corporations in the same way they initiated and managed the pandemic?”

Croatian MEP Mislav Kolakušić asks if the war in Ukraine was initiated by corporations in the same way they initiated and managed the pandemic:

“Each of us should ask ourselves why almost no one wants a quick end to the war in Ukraine which would begin with peace negotiations. Why are all eyes on weapons and not on peace? One possible answer is that every war is a source of enormous profits and the acquisition of power by individuals who run large corporations. A war that is fought in a relatively limited area and has consequences for almost the entire world is an ideal war in the world of corporations. A large number of countries today spend billions of euros on the purchase of weapons that they had no intention of purchasing until recently. We can say that the Russian Ukrainian war is the realisation of the dreams of the owners of the military industry. Ukraine and BlackRock agreed to rebuild Ukraine after the war. Given that BlackRock is the owner of the military industry and will be the owner of the reconstruction industry as well the longer the war lasts and the greater the destruction the greater the profit both during the war and even greater after the war. Both weapons and war and reconstruction are paid for by citizens of the EU. Every last cent will be taken out of our pockets through existing taxes new taxes and a drastic increase in the prices of all goods and services. There is no payment by the governments of individual countries because the governments do not have their own money but exclusively spend the citizens’ money without asking anyone about this spending and without being accountable to anyone.”

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