Croatian MEP Mislav Kolakusic: how malicious ideas are created in the World Economic Forum which are later worked out in detail by the media and the politicians they own.

Here is Croatian MEP Mislav Kolakusic describing and explaining the World Economic Forum:

“This week a meeting of the so-called World Economic Forum the world’s most dangerous international association is being held in Davos Switzerland. The association consists of corporations billionaires lobbyists and politicians elected with their money. And its founder is the notorious Klaus Schwab. There is no greater danger to the rule of law democracy and the free market than this sect whose private financial interests are ahead of the interests of humanity. It is the largest networked organization of the world’s conspirators creating all the agendas we have witnessed in recent decades: wars pandemics and policies of so-called green transitions which result in the impoverishment and suffering of billions of people around the world as opposed to their enormous enrichment. Malicious ideas are created there which are later worked out in detail by the media and the politicians they own. This group itself states that the globalised world is best governed by self-selected multinational corporations governments and civil society organisations. Their idea is: we chose ourselves; we do not participate in democratic elections but we rule. Should anything be added to that? The World Economic Forum is by definition the largest creator of corruption in the world; a place where those with thousands of billions of euros meet those who wield political power in countries all over Europe and the world. Every year dozens of heads of state attend Davos to receive orders there that they must carry out in the coming period. Which they are happy to do because they know that without this sect their political career would not even exist.”

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