After saying that he never coerced anyone to get vaccinated Justin Trudeau defended vaccine mandates at the Liberal Convention

After saying that he never coerced anyone to get vaccinated albeit his various attempts at trying to persuade Canadians to get vaccinated at the Liberal Convention Justin Trudeau spoke in favour of the same vaccine mandates. This is what he says from the 24:00 mark to the 25:16 mark:
“[Speaking about the opposition leader of the conservative party Poilievre] Supporting illegal occupations that blockaded our streets [the Truckers’ Protest] and borders for weeks; parroting the talking points of the gun lobby; partnering with a group that said that it was a myth that residential schools robbed indigenous children of their childhood; keeping MPS in his leadership team after they were happy to dine with a xenophobic German far-right politician. That’s the exact opposite of responsable leadership.
But this is what the Conservative Party of Canada has become under Pierre Poilievre. Even Aaron O’Toole knew that. Before he left he admitted that members of the Conservative Party went deep down into the rabbit hole of conspiracy theories during the pandemic and they show no sign of coming out. It’s quite telling that when Pierre Poilievre sat down with President Joseph R Biden a month ago he used his precious time to complain about vaccine mandates.
Not borders. Not jobs for the middle class. Certainly not Ukraine. But vaccine mandates.”

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