Why are the police always asking the public to help them catch criminals?

Now and then we get articles from our mainstream media asking if we have seen a man whom the police are looking for.

How stupid for the police to ask for our assistance in catching foreign criminals. But then we have the government’s agenda to allow everyone in. Some come in illegally while others come in on their yacht or after buying a Maltese passport. Others come in to flood the offices of sectors that were created for foreigners to keep the disastrous woke economy floating.

Police are lying somewhere in between being demoralised/overworked and inefficient. Then we have the ineffective and useless politicians who don’t care about crime. On the contrary they are in cahoots with the construction drug and business money-grubbing tycoons to ensure that our economy does not collapse and that the bribes keep lining their pockets.

If you still think Malta is safe you may have something wrong with your 13Hz brain wavelength and it is time to rewire it to “I saw Malta changing…to the worse.”

We are surrounded by puppets who call themselves politicians journalists judges magistrates lawyers and the police. They are just owned establishment assets tasked with burdening the public with their agendas.

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