On 19th June 2002 there was the second session of the house congress hearing in America before the committee on government reform.

The session was about the status of research into vaccine safety and autism. The committee had met pursuant to notice at 11:10 a.m. in room 2154 Rayburn House Office Building with Hon. Dan Burton presiding as chairman.

The committee had held a hearing in April to examine the autism pandemic and the Department of Health and Human Services’ response. In the United States it was estimated that 1 in 10 000 children had autism in 1992. It was estimated to affect 1 in 500 children when the committee started its oversight investigation in 1999. The National Institutes of Health currently predicted that 1 in 250 kids will develop autism. When they did the maths from 1 in 10 000 to 1 in 250 they concluded that there was a real epidemic here.

Mr Burton had said that he had joined the Coalition on Autism Research and Education’s request for more funds to be available for autism research across the NIH and CDC and urged for a much needed oversight to make sure “research that is funded will sufficiently answer the questions regarding the epidemic how to treat autism and how to prevent the next 10 years from seeing the statistic of 1 in 250 children go to 1 in 25 children.”
Mr Burton added that independent analysis of previous epidemiological and case control studies are needed as they have learned that “a majority of parents whose children who have late onset or acquired autism believe it is vaccine-related” and that “it has been parents who have formed nonprofit organizations to raise research dollars to conduct research that the CDC the FDA and NIH have neglected to do.”

Parents like Elizabeth Birt Rick Rollens Shelley Reynolds and Jeanne Smith to name a few had healthy babies who became autistic after vaccination.
Hon. Burton added “I might have been like many of the officials within the public health community denying a connection had I not witnessed this tragedy in my own family. I might not have believed reports from parents like Scott and Laura Bono Jeff Sell Jeff and Shelly Segal and Ginger Brown who came to me with pictures videos and medical records. I might have been like so many pediatricians who discounted the correlation between vaccination and the onset of fever crying and behavioural changes. Because both of my grandchildren not one but both of my grandchildren suffered adverse reactions to vaccines I could not ignore the parents plea for help and I could not ignore their evidence. My only grandson became autistic right before my eyes shortly after receiving his federally recommended and State mandated vaccines. Without a full explanation of what was in the shots being given my talkative playful outgoing healthy grandson Christian was subjected to very high levels of mercury through his vaccines. He also received the MMR vaccine and within a few days he was showing signs of autism.”

“As a part of our investigation the committee has reviewed ongoing concerns about vaccine safety vaccine adverse events tracking and vaccine safety data link VSD Project and the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program.”

In this hearing they heard research updates from several previous witnesses and fresh research results that strengthened the link between autism and vaccine-related side effects while also exposing the potential connection between the measles mumps rubella (MMR) vaccine and autistic entercolitis as well as the use of the mercury-containing preservative thimerosal in vaccines.

The FDA had discovered that when childhood vaccines were administered in accordance with the CDC’s recommendations they exposed more than 8 000 children per day in the United States to mercury levels that exceeded Federal guidelines thanks to a congressional mandate to review the thimerosal content in medicines. During the hearing Dr. Vera Stejsak and Dr. James Bradstreet spoke about the link between the mercury poisoning and the rise in autism.

The committee also explained how Dr. Andrew Wakefield had continued to conduct clinical research about autism entercolitis which confirmed the presence of vaccine-related measles RNA in the biopsies from autistic children. Dr. Wakefield like many scientists who blazed new trials was attacked by his own profession and forced out of his position at the Royal Free Hospital in England. Yet he and his colleagues fought an uphill battle to continue the research that has been a lone ray of hope for parents whose children have autistic entercolitis.

Dr. Arthur Krigsman had also joined the hearing to discuss his clinical findings of inflammatory bowel disorder in autistic children.

But the CDC compromised as it is refuted the clinical findings of Dr. Wakefield. Officials at HHS aggressively denied any possible connection between vaccines and autism while waging an information campaign endorsing the usual narrative that vaccines are the only solution while making sure of increasing immunization rates.

Parents thus became “increasingly concerned that the Department is inherently conflicted in its multiple roles of promoting immunization regulating manufacturers looking for adverse events and managing the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program and developing new vaccines.”

Families shared Hon. Burton’s concern that vaccine manufacturers had too much influence on this criminal activity on children. Fast forward to later years and all has been hushed down and vaccines are still being administered to babies and children.


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