When an open conference was done with the Vatican on the future of Health and Vaccines

In May of 2021 the Vatican held an international conference to discuss the role of the mind body and soul in the future of health care. This was a three-day virtual event which explored methods of prevention and preparedness against health crises.

This was not the first international conference held by the Vatican. The first one was held in 2011 under Pope Benedict XVI.

This conference would easily be regarded as a wonderfuly gesture to have the Vatican reaching out to the scientific community and beyond and it would not raise eyebrows had it not have guests and leaders of the “humanities and scientific communities” like the chief medical advisor to the President Joe Biden Dr Anthony Fauci the local Gauci version who updated the Americans about Covid and who sold the Covid-19 vaccines to the Americans as safe and effective. During the said conference he stated “You must be flexible. I’ve said this so many times flexible open-minded and humble to know that even though you have 40 years of experience that when you’re dealing with something that is really in the realm of the unknown you’ve got to expect the unexpected”. Such a statement coming from him especially the word “humble” is hilarious and a laughing and crying matter at the same time!

Another guest who spoke during this conference was Albert Bourla the CEO of Pfizer. He said that the rapid development of the mRNA technology which is being used in the Covid-19 vaccines will lead to further breakthroughs in the medical field:

“Right now we have reached a level that we understand so much about the nuances of this that the field of applying it to therapeutics or other vaccines is wide open and I believe that we will see a tremendous activity from multiple biotechnology companies.”

Other speakers included Chelsea Clinton Cindy Crawford and the lead guitarist of Aerosmith Joe Perry.

Pope Francis who throughout the pandemic repeatedly called for universal vaccine distribution among the world’s poorest countries closed the conference with a message for all the participants:

“It would be sad if the vaccine for Covid-19 gives priority to the richest. It would be sad if this vaccine became the property of one nation or another and is not universal and for everyone.”

Dr. Fauci and Pfizer CEO open Vatican conference on the future of health, vaccines

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