Excess deaths in Australia for 2022 are the highest since World War II. Will the Maltese government publish the statistics for the local excess deaths in 2022?

The Daily Mail has reported that startling new figures show that more Australians are dying than first feared after a report found that ‘excess deaths’ in Australia are the highest since World War II.

According to this newspaper “Australians are dying at a rate not seen since wartime but politicians are ignoring demands to find out why critics say.”
The newspaper reports that according to the figures released by the Australian Bureau Statistics (ABS) 2022 saw “excess mortality running at 15 per cent above the expected number of deaths which is a rate of death Australia has not seen in the 80 years since World War II.”
These “final ABS figures for 2022 are higher than the 12 per cent rate of excess mortality reported for that year by an Actuaries Institute report in March.”

“The jump in deaths led to a Senate motion two weeks ago sponsored by Victorian UAP Senator Ralph Babet to hold an inquiry into excess deaths but this was voted down by the government and crossbench Senators.Queensland LNP Senator Gerard Rennick spoke in support of the motion saying t hat statistically such a jump in deaths was a ‘one in a thousand event’. ‘We deserve an inquiry ’ he said.”

On Wednesday Sydney talkback radio 2GB host Ben Fordham joined calls for a probe into why Australians are dying in such comparatively high numbers saying that people in power don’t want to talk about it while blaming Covid lockdowns.

Isn’t it not a coincidence that there is this alarming excess death rate after the experimental Covid-19 vaccines’ roll-out?

Why isn’t the Maltese government not publishing the 2022 statistics for the excess deaths in Malta? The Maltese nation deserves an answer.


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