Anton Refalo blamed the Animal Welfare Director Patricia Azzopardi for his incompetence: The Island Sanctuary describes Azzopardi’s dismissal as disgusting.

After the attack of the pitbulls on their illegal breeder immersed in dog fighting and abuse Anton Refalo decided to fire the Director of Animal Welfare Patricia Azzopardi. Instead of pointing at himself and saying “mea culpa ” Refalo turned his fingers towards Azzopardi. This decision caused various differing statements from all animal activists.

To make myself clear from the start I do not know Azzopardi but it is a fact that Azzopardi was left without staff. Instead Refalo was more interested in the internal war between him and Alicia Bugeja Said the junior minister within his ministry. It would have been better if Refalo and Bugeja Said focused on their modus operandi. At least they were united in blaming Azzopardi for their blunders. What follows are comments about Azzopardi where it is clearly stated that she was practically left without staff including enforcement officers while being legally burdened with all the responsibility to take action against those mistreating animals:

Instead of focusing on whether Azzopardi is a scapegoat or not whether she is good or bad we should focus on the problem itself. We all know how things are dealt with in the government’s nepotistic departments. First directors are hired then they are fired or given a promised promotion. Next new directors replace them yet the departments remain the same or make minor changes for the better or big changes for the worse. But what is worse is that several directors need more staff. Azzopardi was a case in point.

The problem not only lies in the ignorant mentality and lack of love of this whole nation towards animals where abandonment cruelty abuse medical neglect and neglect in general are rampant in this country but the problem is also the whole department and the whole ministry as the revelations that we get to know in the following Island Sanctuary’s post show:

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