Another unsustainable Ordo Ab Chao goal of a waste separation scheme could see UK households forced to pay to have seven different waste bins.

New plans are being proposed in the UK as part of a green scheme which could cost UK Councils millions of pounds. Thanks to this scheme UK households could be forced to pay for seven different waste bins. The government sold these changes as beneficial “to increase the consistency of waste recycling across the country.”
This has sparked fury with MPs blasting these changes as “madness” with fears that “councils may push the cost of the new government green scheme onto homeowners with one think tank demanding taxpayers aren’t left to foot the bill.” It is exactly what the people surely need while going through high gas and electricity prices and high cost of lockdowns’ crisis.
“Councils have warned the scheme – which would see all local authorities in the UK required to individually collect paper cardboard metal plastic and glass as well as garden and food waste– is ‘unworkable’ and would cost hundreds of millions of pounds.”
Councils have also warned that such plans could prove unworkable with “the District Council’s Network estimating that implementing recycling changes will cost councils almost half-a-billion pounds a year for seven years.
“In order to be exempt from some of the changes councils would have to demonstrate that it is ‘not technically or economically practicable’ to collect different forms of recycling waste separately” or demonstrating that “there would be no ‘significant environmental benefit in doing so’.”
“Set to be announced in mid-April if put into action it would mean in theory  some households could have seven waste receptacles in what has been described as a ‘national bin service’.”
“The proposed change has been brought about by a government consultation on household and business recycling with Environment Secretary Thérèse Coffey due to publish her report” this month.
The climate tyranny in cahoots with communism is truly a sugar coated pill making the people it is destroying to believe that it is just an increased push for a greener and more climate friendly world. Thanks to the “powers that be” this climate nonsense is and will continue to be pushed hard.
They’re going to try using the pretext of “climate change” to control every aspect of your life making the Covid restrictions seem mild in comparison if you thought the scamdemic was bad.
Under the pretense of lowering your “carbon footprint ” they are first starting with the recycling of water plastic bottles then they will check your trash then they will want to take away your private property your car your woodburner your gas cooker your ability to fly your ability to eat meat your mobility and your general standard of living.
It’s critical that we recognize the climate scam for what it is so that when the time comes—and that time is rapidly approaching—we are better prepared to fight back against it.
However it ultimately depends on our cooperation so we must mobilize as many people as we can to resist the climate tyranny before it takes full effect and before it is too late.

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