When Daphne Caruana Galizia made the correct predictions about Chris Fearne.

Back in 2017 exactly on August 7th Daphne Caruana Galizia published a blog entitled “Chris Fearne: the deputy prime minister’s arrogance is insufferable.”

Her piece reads:

Daphne’s predictions were right.

Dr Fearne might not have made it to become a Prime Minister even though he tried and was the main rival of Dr Abela. It is here that the thanks goes to the 92% of the 17 500 eligible labourites who chose Dr Abela and not him. We thank God and sing Halleluljah!

We all know how Dr Fearne looked pissed off and did not attend the Labour Party event during which Dr Abela gave his first address as the newly elected Prime Minister. Most probably he was doing tantrums at home and analysing where did he fail to fool the eligible voting labourites. Yet he still pledged to support the party in his continuous pledge to keep on gaining more power for himself whether inside the party itself or with the WHO or with Europe and Washington as long as he opens the sesamo for aborted “eight cells” human beings. It is a pity that he forgets that even he once was these “eight cells” inside his mother’s womb.

But Dr Fearne as proud as a peacock did enjoy his unbridled raw power to impose orders during the spamdemic stepping upon fundamental human rights and civil liberties as long as he “keeps the country and the nation safe” lest a viral tsunami hits the Maltese shores.

But he did not tell the genuine people that inflation and the Great Reset agenda are behind such tsunami. He did not inform the people what awaits them if they tag along this fakedemic. Neither did he mention any tsunami of side effects like strokes pulmonary embolism myocarditis pericarditis heart attacks and sudden deaths on taking the Covid-19 vaccines which he proudly gave to the people “for free”.

But yes because his narcissistic personality is more powerful he did succeed in being elected to the board of the One Health GLOBAL Leaders Group and to then become vice chairman of the GLOBAL Leaders Group on antimicrobial resistance.

Dr Fearne I will not ask you to resign. One thing I tell you: you can walk around with your strutting gait like a peacock; you can continue to exert your power and feel proud like the same peacock; you can leave your political position to enjoy any other position with the WHO or any other crooked organisation. At the end of the day crooks and cronies of a lobby flock together. But I will never stop and rest unless justice for what was done to my dad and to the rest of the patients and nation under your watch is done. It does not matter when. It does not matter where you are. It does not matter what position you hold. Justice needs to be done.

Dr Fearne as Delano Johnson had said “You can run from the truth. You can run and hide from the truth. You can deny and avoid the truth. But you cannot destroy the truth. Nor can you make the lie truth. You must know that love will always uncover the truth.”

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