Times of Malta reminds the public how Profs Gauci and itself aided in the programming of the nation to live in a fearful vibration for compliance.

The Times of Malta published an article to remind the public about Covid and how Superintendent Charmaine Gauci managed to brainwash the populace by doing some daily tombola programs about a boogeyman ghost virus.

In its article “COVID: three years on and the dread has finally died” TOM reminds the nation that people are still dying of Covid and that there are still Covid cases among us: “One death and 133 cases this week… but that doesn’t make a ripple anymore.”133 cases? If they keep on insisting that the scamdemic is over why are pcr tests still being used? How ironic this is because the ripple was created when Dr Fearne announced the first Covid death and when cases started piling up! What is the difference now when the situation is just the same?

TOM states that such figures “no longer instil the kind of dread and panic they did following the outbreak of the pandemic three years ago.”
There are three reasons. First we do not have the daily fearmongering lotto draw from Profs Gauci. Secondly the mainstream media is no longer complicit in brainwashing the nation to believe that there is this “deadly virus” waiting to attack them making it shit in its pants with fear.

Thirdly the goal of the fearmongering was achieved – to get the herd in line to take the deadly vaccines. Both Charmaine Gauci and the media aided in the programming of the nation to live in a fearful vibration for compliance due to knowledge of using fear as a weapon for mind-control. In fact TOM agrees with this analysis:

“The virus that once evoked so much fear is still around but it has been reduced to the status of just “another virus” following a successful nationwide COVID vaccine rollout that saw the Maltese health authorities administer more than 1.4 million doses including boosters.”

And yet people even if boosted are still being asked to do a Covid test before they have an appointment at Mater Dei and if they don’t they are refused to be seen!

TOM continues:

“The announcement of the first casesof coronavirus infection early in March 2020 catapulted the nation into over two years of restrictions quarantines mask-wearing social distancing and two partial lockdowns aimed at controlling the spread.” The last bit should read “aimed at controlling the nation”. Covid was a rehearsal to see how far nations can go and what are they ready to accept.

“In all there have been a total of 117 610 positive cases in Malta and 828 people have died while COVID positive.”– In all there have been a total of 117 610 people who believed that the bogus PCR test is not bogus and 828 people were killed while allegedly COVID positive with the remdesivir and ventilator.

But unfortunately the fear and programming have infested the brains of some to a point of no return:

“Some practices linger: people still wear masks to protect the vulnerable people still get tested for the virus and have to quarantine if they test positive.”

They forgot to add that some still wear the mask while driving their car alone which is the same as a man wearing a condom when he is alone in bed.

Profs Gauci said “And there have been some silver linings: “The population has been sensitised to the importance of respiratory hygiene staying away from others when sick and protecting the vulnerable and the elderly in our families and communities” with severe black linings where the population has been desensitized to the normalization of vaccine injuries and deaths and to not be suspicious of anything that happened in these last three years of lies and blues.

TOM praises Gauci about her calm and composed manner while “she briefed the nation regularly about the latest developments and walked the population through the new measures and restrictions.”

“It is in the interest of any country to avoid giving power to idiots, to ignoramuses, incompetents, devious and delusional characters or to demagogues. If not watch out. More countries are destroyed by their own politicians than by invading armies.”(Rodrigue Tremblay)

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