What Gabi Calleja had called “to transition” is in reality grooming and programming the minds of the children to accept the LGBTIQA+ filthy agenda.

When the Invictus was in power Gabi Calleja blessed our nation’s screens with her meetings with the politicians lobbying the Invictus and going down on her knees with gratitude each time the Invictus recognised her existence gender and sexuality.

And when you happen to be running an agenda rest assured that either the government will award you with any kind of glittering token like when Profs Charmaine Gauci was undeservingly awarded with Gieħ ir-Repubblika; or that you would be entitled to give the government an award thanking it for giving you the reigns to run its agenda or for accepting your agenda.

And so it happened that the chief of the Malta Gay Rights Movement Gabi Calleja had awarded the 2013 Gay Exiles Soldier Award to the Invictus as part of the endless list of fetish joke-of-the-year awards that governments come up with from time to time.

A year earlier Ms Calleja had received the 2012 International Women of Courage award. Women? Courage?

Ms Calleja had also assisted in the draft of the policy called “Trans Gender Variant and Intersex Students in Schools” which at the time was launched by Evarist Bartolo and Civil Liberties Minister Helena Dalli. In a nutshell the government was already preparing you to fasten your seatbelt while it drives the LGBTIQA+ vehicle. The end goal? Your children are free to switch gender switch uniforms participate in sports that reflects what they perceive is their sexual identity and use toilets they are comfortably in. And yes being taught how to masturbate how they become attracted to the same sex and have other sexual fetishes.

This is what Gabi Calleja called helping the children “to transition”. I would call it grooming and programming the minds of the children who happened not to be gay or trans or any other term from MGRM’s bewildering lexicon. I would also call it pushing your agenda and your ideologies on others. We want to live and let live they said.

Back then this strategy already appeared to be an effort to recruit. Let alone now!

“As a gay person is this country the first thing you learn is how to grin and bear it ” Gabi had told Malta Today. “Yes our members do sometimes turn to us when faced with discrimination or harassment. But most gay people just put up with it in silence so the cases we know about represent only the tip of the iceberg…”[1]

As a straight woman or man in this country the first thing you learn is how to grin and bear it in life. Yes many people are faced with harassment discrimination and bullied for any reason whatsoever and universal life challenges but they have nowhere to turn to when faced with all this. They just put up with it in silence so there are no recorded cases to show how huge is the whole iceberg of traumas. And yet they do not go around programming and indoctrinating children’s minds!

One understands that gays and trans people must have endured hell given that up to a few years ago coming out was once a brave act and society was not as accepting and that the gay lobby does not want today’s youth to experience what they did. But this does not give a license to the state to use abrasive ways to push sexual agendas behind the back of the parents. Certain agendas should not even be present in school let alone be presented as the best course of action!


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