Transhumanism – they are spending billions to chip our brains in the ongoing push to microchip humanity. (2)

Johnson stated that he expected that in 15 to 20 years they would have sufficient tools for the brain to pose any question they wanted like could I have a perfect memory or could I delete my memories or could I have a brain to brain communication?

“Imagine a scenario where I say ‘I want to know what it’s like to be a cowboy in the American west in the 1800s and someone creates that experience mentally. I’m able to take that and purchase that from that person and experience that.”

Johnson “who suffered a decade of suicidal depression and had a drug-addicted father said he expects the technology will become “democratised like smartphones” adding that he does not understand what we fear losing.

Then we have Simon Evetts director of Blue Abyss’ Space Operations who said that the prospect of “directed evolution” raises questions about how the body could be adapted to live in currently hostile environments. Can we see an aspect of society moving into the oceans in the future? Can we become like dolphins and seals holding our breath for so long?

“Whatever modifications we do and they will be profound … it’ll still be a human albeit human 2.0 ” Evetts said.

That’s according to two experts in pushing the human body to its limits discussing what “humans 2.0” will look like.

Express UKhailed chips inserted in brains because they “will give us MIND-BLOWING abilities within years”[1]confirming their agenda by adding the subtitle “SUPERHUMANS could exist in just 15 years thanks to a computer chip inserted into the brain to unlock the mankind’s full potential.”
The media portal cites Johnson again who speaking at Lisbon’s Web Summit had stated that “people will be able to buy new memories and delete unwanted ones in the near future as experts believe they are close to biohacking the body’s most powerful tool” that is your brain. He added that to unlock the true potential of the mind is the “single greatest thing” humanity can achieve. It should be paraphrased to “to mess up the Godly given greatest thing that humans have the mind is the single greatest thing that the Elite are trying to achieve.”

Clearly “private companies and military sectors have moved beyond the goal of merely understanding the brain to that of augmenting and manipulating brain function”. Said companies such as “Elon Musk’s Neuralink and Bryan Johnson’s Kernel are hoping to harness advances in computing and artificial intelligence alongside neuroscience to provide new ways to merge our brains with computers.”

So the Elite are revealing their Orwellian plan to decode your brain. What about cognitive liberty? Do we have a right to mental privacy? They don’t think so in their movement of totalitarian control over humanity. Consensual telepathy through brain-computer interfaces anyone?

They are engineering the human condition in the quest to turn you into a cyborg. Who wants to be a cyborg?


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