Through bribery the Labour government had agreed to bail out VGH while you the Maltese tax-paying citizen would be sold out.

Dear Maltese and Gozitan citizens here is a reminder of when your beloved cabinet ministers Chris Fearne and Konrad Mizzi sent corned beef baskets and cheap wine to their supporters in an effort to buy their support.

In the meantime the government led by the Invictus at the time was distracting you from the fact that they had given control of the public hospitals to the British Virgin Islands-registered business fronted by Ram Tumuluri.

Back in 2016 while being questioned by journalists Tumuluri had told them: “The Maltese government  approached us in New York“. This reminds me of how this government wanted to introduce abortion in Malta. The abortion story also started in America! So all corrupt agendas in Malta started in the USA and they all started thanks to the government’s connections to this continent. Nevertheless I have a question for Tumuluri. Who are the “us”? Moreover who was Tumuluri with? Who from the Maltese government had approached him?

The Maltese government could only then contact companies. Only after such “meeting” and “amends” was Vitals GLOBAL Healthcare incorporated. Does “global” mean that it intended to become a worldwide multi-billion profit company off the Maltese taxpayers or that it was part and parcel with any agenda of the  GLOBAList Elite?

Let us shift from the American scene to the local one so that one can understand how one can be cajoled while politicians enjoy their lavish lifestyles. The year was 2014 when the government “formulated a bid for the management and administration of a number of hospitals” of our islands. Furthermore while the government gives a peanut salary to its employees which remains the same one year after the other the friends of friends of this government get a dream salary. This happens because for some this is how the economy works. For example the government paid VGH in 2016 and 2017 €49.5 million with a 30-year concession on healthcare services in the Gozo and St Luke’s hospitals. Suddenly millions are found for such projects! But then there is no money to improve the nation’s financial welfare by increasing salaries!

Although it was previously claimed that the “Bluestone Group” owned VGH it seems that Bluestone Special Situations Limited (BVI) which BVI company Asia Harimau Investments Ltd owns and Mark Edward Pawley a senior advisor to Oxley Capital Group controlled the company.

Other parties who did not declare themselves to be owners of VGH received share option agreements granting them rights to percentage shares in VGH. Who are these parties? So who was or was going to be the owner of VGH?

When the initial acquisition by VGH was undertaken insufficient funds were available to cover the initial €500 000 consultancy bills necessitating borrowings from Dr. Amrish Gupta according to documents filed in August 2017. As a result Kexby Finance Limited which had lent Asia Harimau Investments money in April 2016 had asked the BVI courts to declare Asia Harimau Investments bankrupt.

VGH  was paid €75 millionto manage the hospitals in 2017 but it spent €94 million instead incurring a loss of €18 million up from €6 million in 2016.

VGH was sold to Steward Global Healthcarein January 2018 for a nominal €1 a sale that precipitated a doctors’ strike.

VGH received €50 million from the Maltese government to allow the sale to go through.

The story as it is is already scandalous. And this is what is shown on the outside. Imagine what was going on in the backdoor behind the nation’s back!

Regarding this scandalous hospital deal “the contract terms were also considered biased  with the government having to bail out VGH if it got into debt and  it would have cost €100 million-plus pay company debts to repurchase the contract.

Through lobbying/bribery the Labour government headed by the Invictus had agreed to bail out VGH and pay company debts plus €100 million while the Maltese tax-paying citizen was being sold out.

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