The Covid-19 lab leak hypothesis which all the media are now selling you. has reported that the virus that created the Covid-19 pandemic likely emerged from a laboratory but not as a part of a weapons program according to an updated and classified 2021 US energy department study provided to the White House.

In its article’s title added that this happened “by mistake”.[1]If we had to go with this lab leak hypothesis like many did in the beginning of the pandemic where are the profuse apologies from all those who labelled those supporters of this hypothesis as “conspiracy theorists”?
Something interesting is that this lab leak hypothesis is suddenly on all media portals worldwide with the publishing happening at around the same time.

Times of Israel reported that “US agency believes COVID-19 likely escaped from Chinese lab – report”[2]. Sky News reported that “COVID-19 most likely leaked from Wuhan lab says US Energy Department”[3]. News Scientist reported that “US agency says covid-19 may have leaked from lab – here’ what to know”[4].

The BBC reported that “Covid origin: Why the Wuhan-lab leak theory is so disputed[5]”. The Guardian reported that “Covid-19 likely came from lab leak says news report citing US energy department”[6].

When the media suddenly come together and join forces to start parroting the same news rest assured that this is another distraction from the real story. So the antennae should be raised and we ask “why”.

We were told that Covid-19 was an airborne virus. Another theory states that a virus cannot survive in air. It needs a host to survive in – that is a body. So if this virus happened to run away and go for a tour as this lab leak hypothesis says how did it enter the human body?

Another theory states that only an infected individual can transmit airborne viruses when the said individual coughs or sneezes which are then inhaled by individuals who are close by. How did the Covid-19 virus enter a human body from a lab leak then if the virus must first be in the body?

And the thing is that this theory of airborne viruses started being contemplated and published after Covid-19. Science must have changed.
The media wants to make you believe that it happened by mistake. Is this being stated to counter the other hypothesis that the leak did not happen by mistake but it was planned to happen that way?

Scientists still cannot agree if viruses are airborne or not.

But there is more to all this scientific confusion. Another theory states that it wasn’t a virus but they were aerosols which were sprayed in the skies to make people feel ill. And yet the symptoms were all those of the flu.

Another question which should be asked is: if when we have for example a helicobacter pylori infection in the stomach which is a bacterium or a fungus or a protozoa or a virus the samples taken to check for any of these are either blood samples or urine or faeces or sputum (spit) or bone marrow or skin cells how can one still keep as a base that the virus which caused Covid-19 exists which then would confirm this lab leak theory hypothesis when none of these samples were taken from people with Covid-19 symptoms?

If the only proof of the existence of this virus is the swab test which is flawed and rigged then doesn’t it mean that the media is now selling you another “conspiracy theory” turned into “conspiracy fact” so that it keeps on proving to you that the pandemic was legitimate because the virus existed and that no one can be held accountable because the leak happened “by mistake”?


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