The taming of the Keisters and the Shrews in the puppet show of the Repubblichini, Mark Camilleri and Matthew Caruana Galizia.

The Repubblichini and Matthew Caruana Galizia – mugwumps par excellence! You cannot even start to understand where they stand.

During the abortion saga the Repubblichini were as silent as the grave because Daphne Caruana Galizia for whom they had held a vigil with a call for justice was in favour of abortion. And now they are speaking up for the one-and-only spleenful, wrathful, spiteful, opportunist Mark Camilleri.

The puppet show is in full swing dear readers! Because Daphne Caruana Galizia had also something to say about opportunist Camilleri. But Matthew only shared the “classic gold” article of his mum about abortion. Did he forget to share what his mum had written about Camilleri by any chance? Before we see what she had to say let us do a bit of a tour round the Circus Show.

We start by holding placards stating “There are butt-heads and buttfaces everywhere we look now. The situation is butt-desperate.”

Quoting Mark we remind ourselves that our public institutions are being taken-over by “criminals and rent-seekers under an autocratic system.” So he made it a point to prove this by making a tour in the PN’s library and take a photo with Roberta Metsola. Mark are you seeking to become a rent-seeker again like the opportunist that you are? Are you sucking up to the PN and the EU? Is it fine now for the Repubblichini and Matthew to defend an ex-labour sucker? Are you all seeking a rent seeker’s paradise?

And to also prove that local journalism is being taken over by “criminals and rent-seekers under an autocratic system ” Mark the opportunist decided to keep on spinning Spite’s and Hatred’s Wheel and target Rosianne Cutajar again. I will not go into the merit of whether Rosianne Cutajar is a good politician or not. Neither will I dive into other stories in which she was at the centre. I do not agree with her on many issues. But publishing text messages when there is an ongoing court case about someone’s private life is as low as a snake’s belly.

Whatever is private should remain private. What politicians do in their private life is their business as long as any party involved in their private life whether wife, lover, partner or whatsoever does not suddenly appear out of the blue holding some public office created out of the blue along with a super salary which was also created out of the blue. In addition, as long as whatever problems they are facing in their private life are not carried with them to their public office and their supposed service towards the nation then whatever they do is on their conscience; albeit living with a moral compass surely outweighs anything else.

How many male politicians of past and present had an adventurous sexual life but for which they were neither condemned nor did we have the publication of text messages? We can for example go back in time when Jason Azzopardi decided to go on a pilgrimage (or duogrimage) at Tel Aviv so that he visits Christ’s tomb so to contemplate on his sins and ask for redemption for accepting an escapade with his lover paid by the Tumas Group. I don’t remember a Camilleri lashing out at this story, do you? Did the Galizias make a fuss about it apart from hiring him as a lawyer in the case of the murder of their mother?

Clearly we have a puppet show of a Mark going like a pendulum of a non-functional grandfather clock from the red to the blue dial in order to be someone during his revenge spree. In this puppet show we have the immersion of Piccinino & Co, id-Dar taċ-Ċentru of the Puppet Show, the Repubblichini and Daphne’s son. And then some women decide to join the puppet show like Newsbook journalist Monique Agius. Archbishop Scicluna must really be proud of some journalists of the Church media. They really live the Christian way. Maybe they should all go on a pilgrimage with Azzopardi and Mark at Tel Aviv and visit Christ’s tomb.

Dear readers, this is the Puppet Show of the Keisters and the Shrews.

This is not an attack against Rosianne Cutajar as a politician. This is an attack against women.

Clearly we are in the phase of the Ġaħan fl-agħar żminijiet which is worse as it makes the same Ġaħan excel amongst the other Ġaħanijiet. Or another Repubblichino in the making amongst the Repubblichini. Or another mini-Camilleri “Galizia” amongst the Caruana Galizias.

This type of Ġaħan feeds on hatred and spite targeting and attacking any man and woman he pledges war on even if this same man or woman was at one point on his good books. This type of Ġaħan does not criticise these men and women in a constructive way so to bring a positive change but by acting out of spite so to destroy that individual’s life! This is the journalism of destruction and hatred fuelling a divide and conquer modus operandi.
So I would like to take the readers back to when opportunist Mark Camilleri had shared Ann Fenech’s post on 6th February 2017 which reads:

This post is on display on Daphne Caruana Galizia’s blog titled “‘Fuck the fascist PN’ says the executive chairman of Malta’s National Book Council >> mark camilleri”. What have the Repubblichini and Matthew Caruana Galizia to say in the puppet show of the keisters and the shrews where “there are butt-heads and buttfaces everywhere we look now. The situation is butt-desperate”?

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