Christians in Israel will be jailed for talking about Jesus.

I have shown in various blogs how the Woke have turned into the persecutors of Christians among others who do not bow to their agenda.
In a blog I had written:

“With this reasoning and court cases being allowed by the government we will end up in a stage where not even a priest can preach the word of God anymore because the atheists will get offended!” and I added: “This is the persecution of Christians. This is the abolition of freedom of speech.”[1]
We are now in this stage and the Israeli government is the first to turn this into law. The National File and other media portals except our local Newsbook whose journalist(s) is too busy defending Mark Camilleri have reported that “Israeli Lawmakers Want to Throw Christians in Jail for Talking about Jesus – the anti-Christian repression comes from the government of PM Benjamin Netanyahu.[2]”

“A group of Israeli lawmakers aligned with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is planning to throw Christians in jail for speaking the Gospel of Jesus in the land of his birth – a nation that’s often referred to as “America’s greatest ally” and a frequent destination for American Christians on pilgrimage journies.”

“Knesset members Moshe Gafni and Yaakov Asher have introduced a new bill with the express purpose of silencing and persecuting Christians throwing them in jail for talking about Jesus in Israel. The legislation doesn’t just aim to stifle the verbal speech of Christians but their ability to create content online as well constituting an all-out assault on Christianity.”

“Both Gafni and Asher are described by the Israeli press as “ultra-Orthodox Jews” who are “influential” and “high-ranking” members of the Knesset legislative body. In terms of partisanship both men are aligned with the coalition government that was formed to put Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu back in power.”

“Gafni has a long history of opposing followers of Jesus ” All Israel Newsplainly stated in an exclusive report announcing the disturbing new legislation.”

“Also according to that report Gafni first introduced legislation to enact a “ban on evangelism” in 1999 making it one of his long-term legislative objectives.”

“Reactions to the proposed Israeli legislation in the United States a nation where devout evangelical Christians support Israel to a massive extent have been incredibly negative. Former US Senator and Trump Administration Ambassador of International Religious Freedom Sam Brownback blasted the anti-Christian proposal as a brazen attack on religious liberty and noted that if the legislation is enacted Israel will be violating the Universal Charter of Human Rights to which the Jewish state is a signatory.”



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