The San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus that incited controversy for its song about “coming for” conservatives children is now holding a “Disney PRIDE in Concert.”

A March concert honoring “love LGBTQ+ pride and family ties” will be held by the gay men’s chorus that incited controversy in 2021 for its allegedly “tongue-in-cheek” song about “coming for” conservatives’ children.

In a statement released on January 30 the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus (SFGMC) announced that the alleged “Disney PRIDE in Concert” would take place on March 16-17 “in celebration of SFGMC’s 45th anniversary and the 100th anniversary of Disney.”

The concert production and licensing division of the Disney Music Group Disney Concerts will produce the event.
According to the SFGMC’s press release the show will “feature over 40 classic and contemporary songs from the Disney songbook performed by the 250 members of the Chorus and a 30-piece orchestra.” Families are specifically encouraged to attend.

The “two-act spectacular ” which is slated to take place at San Francisco’s Davies Symphony Hall will juxtapose “interwoven” narratives of the gay chorus participants’ “personal stories of love LGBTQ+ pride and family ties” with movie clips and updated arrangements of well-known Disney songs from films like The Little Mermaid Mary Poppins and Peter Pan.

“The Daily Wirepointed out that the SFGMC which was founded in 1978 after the assassination of homosexual iconand reputed pederast Harvey Milk  sparked outragein 2021 after it released a choral song telling parents to ‘face your fate’ because ‘we’ll convert your children – happens bit by bit quietly and subtly and you will barely notice it.’”

“The gay men said in the song which they insisted was satirical that conservative-leaning parents ‘are just frightened … that we’ll corrupt your kids if our agenda goes unchecked ’ LifeSiteNews reported at the time.”

“‘Funny just this once you are correct ’ the chorus sang suggesting that the feared indoctrination would just make children ‘tolerant and fair.’”
“Other lines mocked parents’ concerns about where their kids might ‘go at night’ and what they’ll begin looking at online (going to protests and finding out ‘information’ they said).”

“The refrain featured the full chorus telling parents: ‘We’re coming for your children.’”

These LGBT sick militants should be abhorred by the LGBT community itself because the agenda will backfire on this community in one way or another. The LGBTIQA+ agenda is to be fought even by the LGBT community itself.

Meanwhile it is clear that Disney has turned into another Woke Corporation. Its decision to ally itself with the controversial gay group comes as the latest of a bevy of headlines reaffirming that the family-centered corporation has firmly sided with far-left sexual and racial ideology.

In fact Karey Burke president of Disney’s General Entertainment Content and self-professed “mother of two queer children ” had saidin an all-hands Zoom meeting that she supports featuring “many many” Disney characters who identify as LGBTQ.

Clearly Disney was founded by pedophiles and filled with sick perversions since its conception. It has now turned into a major key in helping push the LGBTQ agenda on our children brainwashing them at such a young age through cartoons song dance music all of which is sorcery a kind of sorcery that can be stopped if you don’t allow it into your homes or around your children.

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