“Malta shot to the top of the Rainbow Index a ranking of rights in European countries compiled by ILGA-Europe over the past eight years as a result of wide-ranging legal reforms pushed by the Labour government” Malta Today had reported.

All this came about thanks to the marriage equality in 2017 the gender identity law the outlaw of gay conversion therapy and the legal protection for the right for bodily autonomy of intersex persons from non-consensual medical interventions on infants and children.

What a farse! But then the legal protection for the right for bodily autonomy of straight people (and children) is stampeded upon while they groom indoctrinate and programme the kids with their agenda even though it is non-consensual from parents and the children themselves! Allow us to live they said. But your children must live according to our terms and conditions they said.

So they have infiltrated the educational system so that they start with the kids who are the best sponges for indoctrination and programming. Clearly laws are protecting this brigade but they are not protecting the children and together with this cohort I include women and the rest of society who wants to live in peace.  If the LGBTIQA+ brigade wants to be accepted by society all they have to do is to go about their business like we straight and we the non-conformists and the bullied and people from all walks of life do.

But is it acceptance that they are truly seeking? Haven’t we moved way beyond this?

We want tolerance they said. We want inclusion they said. We want rights they said. The first democratic lesson is that rights are not given or grantable. They are inherent. While the state may claim to grant rights it cannot actually do so. And with rights come also obligation.

Reality’s first lesson is that we as a society have accepted the concept that rights are given to us by the state. Maltese society has accepted the principle that all couples irrespective of whether they are hetero or not have rights. There is nothing wrong with this. What is worrying is that we are verging on the extreme and have accepted situations and gender indoctrination that would appear shameful in more developed societies. The truth is that there are already young persons in Malta suffering from this gender intoxication. I am here referring to cases of mental health issues affecting young students due to their school education but these are being kept hidden from the media. Am I right to conclude that Abner Aquilina is one such case?

Nonetheless traditional families are and will remain the principal social fora where we learn universal ideals and principles such as right and wrong the law punishment and discipline. Clearly the government is infesting the minds of our children with filth so to destroy this traditional family notion and get them inclined to any kind of gender fluidity that is not conducive to the formation of a healthy social order.

The government has desecrated traditional values and no new values have come along! The government’s solution to any problem that the LGBTIQA+ comes up with is just as bad as the problem itself.  As Ludwig von Mises had stated “The worst evils which mankind has ever had to endure were inflicted by bad governments.”


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