The pretense of investigating those that are responsible for the pandemic mismanagement.

In its article titled “Investigation into Covid in the Bergamo area Conte and Speranza under investigation” the media portal “Ansa”[1]writes:
“Three years after the outbreak of the Covid pandemic which between February and April 2020 devastated the Bergamo area with over 6 000 more deaths than the average of the previous year the investigation into those who were culpable of mismanaging the pandemic has been closed with 19 suspects including the former premier Giuseppe Conte the former health minister Roberto Speranza the governor of Lombardy Attilio Fontana and the former Lombardy health councilor Giulio Gallera.

The prosecutor of Bergamo Cristina Rota with the prosecutors Silvia Marchina and Paolo Mandurino under the supervision of the prosecutor Antonio Chiappani summed up an investigation with which they tried to shed light and identify the responsibilities of the tragedy that left a deep wound and of which the memory of the long lines of army trucks with the coffins of the victims to be transported out of the region to be cremated is still vivid.”
Among the 19 suspects apart from those mentioned above there are also the president of the Higher Institute of Health Silvio Brusaferro the president of the Higher Health Council Franco Locatelli the coordinator of the then Scientific Committee Agostino Miozzo the former head of civil protection Angelo Borrelli and Francesco Maraglino former manager of the ministry of health.

They are all being accused of crimes of an aggravated culpable mismanagement of the pandemic multiple manslaughter refusal of official documents and even forgery.

So far so good. But what is the reality here? The reality here is that they are trying to give you hope that something is being done by pretending that they are investigating those responsible for the pandemic not on the fact that they have lied about everything and therefore are guilty of a genocidal massacre but on the fact that they did not apply the right measures which are effective enough to fight a virus that does not exist.
Basically they pretend covid exists but that it has been mismanaged.

This is another excuse like any other not to make those responsible take any punishment.


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