The Telegraph published an article titled “Untruth after untruth was peddled to justify the great lockdown disaster.[1]” This other mainstream media portal wants to make you believe that it is all out against the Covid-pandemic.

Supporting mainstream media portals in their arguments against Covid-19 will only help us to scrap the surface but won’t help us go deeper than the surface.

I remind you that this is the same media portal that came up with the answer as to why there are lingering respiratory infections and coughs which were highly prevalent during winter. The answer it gave you was: “Coughs that won’t go away may be one infection after another after social distancing weakened the nation’s immunity a royal college has warned”. And yet no college or doctors or scientists blame the vaccine. We can start getting a clearer picture if doctors report whether or not they are seeing these respiratory infections and lingering coughs in vaccinated people.
Yes the international media is recognizing that social distancing was a farce. Families still mixed at home. Couples still made love to each other. At workplaces people still worked in the same environment and room.

If we have to blame something other than the vaccine for lingering respiratory infections then it would make more sense to blame lockdowns which prohibited people from spending more time outside and enjoying fresh air. It would also make more sense to see what was the type of nutrition that people were supplying their body with during the pandemic and if there was any vitamin deficiency.

Now the Telegraph came up with other reasons as to why lockdowns were a disaster which is no brainer as this was a cry that many shouted from the beginning. I will not go through the article. If one wants to read it the link is at the end of the blog.

This is another article which does not question the pandemic per se but questions the lockdowns and other measures used like the mask.  It also does not question the virus per se but comes up with the affirmation that another pandemic might be on the way and Britain is not prepared.

Even though the headline attacks lockdowns the article doesn’t provide any substance at all around whether lockdowns were justified or not or what “untruths” were used to justify them.

Surely many mistakes were done by the governments and they all played fast and loose with the truth and prioritised their own interests over the rest of the nations.

But conflating lockdowns with governments’ corruption and incompetence won’t do and this is a worrying trend in all media portals since they paint lockdowns as science gone mad while ignoring the basic facts and question other important matters like why did the governments resort to them? Who advised the governments to do so apart from the WHO or from whom did the WHO receive such advice? Did money flow inside governments’ pockets during Covid-19? Why didn’t they stop mandating anything when some information started coming out against lockdowns? Why were governments so adamant to destroy or start the rolling of the destruction of the economy and businesses?

Or else the fact that most public health experts or opposition parties still believed lockdowns were a necessary evil and criticised the governments delay in implementing them or that the governments were not doing enough like the PN party did here.

It is strange that no one mainstream media can go deeper than the surface of all this cacophony and conundrum. All they do is scrap the surface.


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