The French “president of the rich” wears a £2 100 luxury watch while making the French work till the age of 64!

Toba Beta had said “It is true that nobody is above the law but power can make somebody invisible.” And so has the crook and crony Macron turned invisible when he used the Constitution in order to turn the French into deeper slaves of the system through the pension reform without giving the French parliament a chance to vote on the plan .

We are witnessing worldwide governments including the Maltese one using manipulating or breaking the Constitution the highest law which makes the people sovereign in order to make any agenda a reality. These are the tactics of dictatorship.

While Macron wants to make the French work longer and harder because he argued that such a reform is necessary since the current pension age is not sustainable his luxuries however are sustainable. This is because the “president of the rich” appeared on an interview on tv wearing a £2 100 BRV 1-92 model by the French company Bell&Ross with a blue face and black strap. During this interview Macron broke the silence on the pension reform which has seen loads of protests across France since polls in France show that the majority of the French oppose the enslavement pension reform agenda.

Another reason that Macron gave was that the government is making changes so to “ensure that companies share more profits with their staff members.” Maybe companies can buy their staff members a £2 100 BRV 1-92 model each so that they feel that they are not working an extra two years for nothing. Macron a government that protects companies and businesses “is but a carcass and soon falls by its corruption and decay” (Amos Bronson Alcott).

The truth is that during the interview Macron realised that he is giving the public sugar-coated bullshit and on realising that he is sporting this luxurious watch he put his left arm under the table while continuing to field questions. When he removed his left arm back again from under the table the watch had mysteriously vanished.

No wonder that this crook and crony “French president of the rich” enjoys being called “the master of the clocks” because he speaks and acts whenever he pleases.

“The Elysée was forced to explain that Macron had removed the watch because it was ‘clinking on the table’.” Oh poor watch! Could it be that it got suddenly damaged? Or poor Macron felt it tight and hurting his wrist? It is a pity that the watch’s strap didn’t go round his tongue so that he stops giving the public sugar-coated bullshit in this key interview.

People and viewers are not stupid.

“One viewer said that wearing the watch ‘may remind the French what they did to the bourgeoisie in the last revolution.’”
“‘Just as he is talking about “minimum wage workers” who have never had such high purchasing power he discreetly removes his pretty luxury watch ’ wrote Clémence Guetté an MP from the France Unbowed party of Jean-Luc Mélenchon.”

“Show me a man that gets rich by being a politician and I’ll show you a crook” – Henry S. Truman. Show me a man that gets rich by being a politician and I’ll show you a Macron.

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