Over 3 million protestors have gathered in France calling for the removal of Dictator Macron.

France is becoming more fast and furious.

According to unions more than 3 million people participated in a nationwide strike on March 23 to express their opposition to Macron’s unpopular decision to raise the retirement age from 62 to 64.

On March 20th Macron’s fraud narrowly outlasted a vote of no confidence by nine votes. On Thursday the Bordeaux Town Hall was set on fire while the anti-people fraud police in Paris kept firing tear gas at demonstrators.

A French man who was interviewed during the protest said:
“We’re here today because it’s out of the question to once again raise the retirement age. You have to understand that some people work in difficult conditions and today these people are told that not only do they have to work longer but also nothing prevents the government in the future to restart this type of bill. It’s time for them to understand that people also want to enjoy their lives. We’re not here to die on the job. We’re here to be able to enjoy life one day too.”

Rightly so. The bloody politicians doing the high bidding for the parasitic Elite have ruined and are ruining everything for us. It is time to reclaim what is ours. We should be living our passions and not living for our pensions.

Will Macron be working hard till the age of 64 by any chance?

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