“Open Passages” by Susan Frybort – how it can help you peep into your soul throughout your journey of healing.

In this book Susan Frybort shares a collection of inspiring passages that call us to emerge from wooded shadows and enter the clearing of a brand-new day in a soft yet powerful voice. These empowering meditations and affirmations which were inspired by the author’s own reflections and triumphs view life’s milestones and challenges as essential stepping stones to transformation and restoration. Every experience serves as a fresh chance to increase openness and authenticity. Susan’s words of support will inspire long-buried aspirations provide enduring comfort and echo a thunderous applause for what it means to be human.

Those who read this remarkable book will feel deeply seen honored in their humanness and comforted in their challenges. They begin to see life as ever unfolding; a place where the blessings of growth and expansion perpetually flourish where natural beauty abides and where you were never meant to be bound by past regret or fear. These pages will peacefully open your eyes to new perspectives while gently opening the door of your heart.
Some excerpts one finds in this book are:

“It takes a powerful person to cry out despite those who’d prefer the convenience of silence. It takes a fearless person to allow their sadness to come out from the tight box of cultural expectations to be expressed and processed. And it takes a world of strength for that same person to be true to their feelings own their emotional territory—to walk into the very chaos of its outright messiness—and uncover the paragons of victory and joy that were held by them for such an aching long time so quietly within.”

“They say beauty comes from a spirit that has weathered many
hardships in life and somehow continues with resilience.
Grace can be found in a soul who ages softly even amid the tempest.
Ithink the loveliest by far is the one whose gentle heart bears
a hundred scars from caring yet still finds a way
to pick up the lamp one more time to light the way for love.”
“The greatest thing you can do
is to become who you are
and not allow the parts
of what make you
a complete individual—
your creative energies
your valued interests and
your unique strengths and passions—
to wither away from neglect
or be repressed by whoever
or whatever surrounds you.
You are masterpiece and
a great work in progress.”


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