Meet Sam Brinton – the non-binary Deputy Assistant Secretary for the disposal of nuclear waste at the White House.

The White House keeps on getting more colourful and interesting. First it was turned into a hoodoo. And we can also add titty skittles sub&domme.
This is because a non-binary drag queen who enjoys “pup play” worships “Daddy Fauci” and is interested in bestiality and kink has been appointed by President Biden himself to be the Deputy Assistant Secretary responsable for the disposal of nuclear waste. She or he or whatever goes by the name of Sam Brinton.

Although it might be deemed as a boring job in the public service Brinton who is “the first gender fluid person in federal government leadership” and who is keen to use this position to normalise kink and fetish in the workplace is perceived as a win for trans activism.
“For decades  sexual rights radicalshave been frustrated that they are expected to “conceal their real identities” at work. Binton is famous for hiding nothing. He brings to his new role a declared interest in bestialityand sexualised violence against womenand a conviction that his “gender identity” (which seems to be the same thing as his “personality”) must be respected by others.”

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