Manuel Delia you are not only missing the wood but you cannot even begin to see it let alone seeing the forest for the trees – if you will excuse the pun.

The Golden Calf of the brigade and coalition who thinks that he is sovereign and more omnipotent than God, has spoken.

Manuel Delia of the saintly EU and its clean funds for the terror media was given space by the so-called media Times of Malta which claims to be “Malta’s leading news service since 1935,” a sure success in leading the public astray and keeping it immersed in a substratum of lies, lies and more lies.

The Maltese “Israelites of the Exodus” clearly show you how they weave the web together in their coup d’etat quest for their nefarious agendas. First we get the editorial of TOM “In bed with Yorgen” captioned “Editorial: The Cutajar chats are a scandal but they are not the dirtiest of his many liaisons.” Scandal? Then we had an article by a Claire Bonello “Saga of Sleaze” and then here comes the Golden Calf with his article “Bosses masturbate too – Manuel Delia”.

Delia took the ordeal to spare a paragraph about what he thinks about people who, like myself claimed that what is private should remain private and that this was an attack against women:

“Urged on by the pathetic counteraccusation of miso­gyny some people said they were made to feel uncomfortable by this grotesque invasion of privacy; that it shouldn’t be anybody’s business how unequal are Yorgen Fenech’s biceps especially since his claim of equine prowess was made to his ex-girlfriend not to the city and the world. I think some people are addicted to missing the wood if you will excuse the pun.”

I would rather miss the wood than take an Arriva ride or be the creator of the Arriva project who made one of the biggest fiascos in public transport. Yet ironically he calls others “the army of barely-competent partisan apparatchiks appointed to jobs with complexities well beyond their comprehension grotesque over-spending,” if you will excuse the pun.

The chats are not a scandal and they do not expose corruption either. They are chats of a sexual nature. The part of “la kulħadd jitħanżer” is no new shocking news either. Everybody in politics “jitħanżer”. Many have evaded taxes. Some were paid a free trip to pray on Christ’s tomb. Scicluna’s mitre can turn into a magician’s financial cap for some of the church’s employees but not for some priests. This site has showed the public how lobbying works and instances of these “ħniżrijiet”. If we have to take the “ħniżrijiet” further we have common citizens who encourage these “ħniżrijiet” because they do them themselves or ask politicians a favour in return of a “ħniżrija.”

So did Delia do some “ħniżrija” in the Arriva “ħniżrija”? Was the Arriva part of any lobbying scenario by any chance? Do you remember in the least scandalous matter of this scandal how certain roundabouts had their waist diminished so to make way for the Arriva buses? Do you remember how you were screwed stuck in traffic because of those works thanks to his fiasco project? This is what happens when the project was entrusted to a barely-competent partisan apparatchik with large family jewels whose size outweighs the eyesight and foreseeing when he was appointed to jobs with complexities well beyond his comprehension but for which he permitted grotesque over-spending – if you will excuse the pun.

And I am not writing in this way to support Rosianne Cutajar and the government or to be a “karattru” and remind the people that even the once PN puppet turned puppeteer had his hands in the cookie jar. All readers know that I attack the government, the PN and any nefarious agenda of anyone.
But to have people like Delia talking from a pulpit of Holiness and Saintliness when they once enjoyed the Devil’s sermons makes me want to puke and squirm at such impostures’ postures!

If I were Cutajar “la kulħadd jitħanżer” I would make sure to bring the “kulħadd” who is part of the “ħniżrijiet” from the Djar tal-Puppet Show and not, down with me!

Delia not only prides himself of his family jewels but extends this pride to other matters: “I bet the reference to masturbation in the headline attracted your attention perhaps more than if yet another one of my articles was headlined with another varia­tion on the theme of corruption.” U ajma kemm għandna nies umli u bravi f’dil-gżira marelli!

He adds that: “Having said that a long-standing sexual affair bet­ween a government minister and a business owner negotia­ting public procurement contracts and complex deve­lopment permits is not a private matter. If one was nowhere near the assassination of a journalist or even the ownership of the politician-bribing slush fund at 17 Black an affair like that is not tabloidey gossip. It is a political scandal the discovery of which should have material consequences.”

Do you know what is a scandal? To have Jason Azzopardi representing the family of Daphne Caruana Galizia as parte civile in the court proceedings against Yorgen Fenech when he himself had a holiday paid by Tumas Group of which Fenech was the director! And I remind the public that he had insisted with his wife that he should go alone to make way for his extra-marital affair! And do you know what is another scandal? The statement found in the Independent that Azzopardi had “denied having felt any obligation towards him (Yorgen) arguing that he had found his hotel was paid for upon checkout and that he bought the businessman a gift as repayment in order not to owe him anything” which is the typical statement uttered when there is a case of bribery through lobbying!

What corrupts politics and politicians in the political puppet show? How did the case of the American Senator Menendez finish?

Yes Cutajar’s case is a private matter. Delia use your family jewels and ask for the chats of sexual and any nature of Jason Azzopardi and any blue and red politician who has had or is having a sexual affair. Or ask for any chats between any homosexual journalist and Abner Aquilina! Or are these a private matter now?

This is why I said that this is an attack against women because we have never had any chats of private sexual nature pertaining to men. And to be clear this is not because of the fact that the Camilleri perpetrator happened to be a man who has vowed vengeance against Cutajar a woman. I condemn even those women who turn spiteful towards women and men and have condemned the hypocrisy exhibited by Lara Dimitrejivic in stating that she is speaking up for women’s rights when in reality she was assisting the government’s agenda to bring into fruition the baby killing monstrosity.

Does Camilleri relate well to women in his personal life? From what I had heard when I worked at the National Book Council, from what the members used to witness since when Camilleri was its executive chairman there happened to be a girlfriend involved, the answer is no.

Delia you are not only missing the wood but you cannot even begin to see it let alone seeing the forest for the trees – if you will excuse the pun.

The issue is that you all made a big deal because the man involved is Yorgen Fenech the alleged mastermind behind Daphne Caruana Galizia’s murder who is in prison and cannot defend himself. None of you did even think of the impact that this will have on his wife children and mother!
In my opinion there are many loopholes and knots in the DCG murder. I am 100% sure that if the public had to be given all the information that the server (Vodafone) had provided to the legal department regarding phone calls texts etc and maybe chats the public’s compass would stop on the telephone numbers of the master mafia crooks and their cronies who are making sure that this case takes long and goes round in circles while holding the truth from being exposed because the same master mafia crooks and their cronies are deeply dipped in the master jar of the Daphne Caruana Galizia’s assassination.

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