Matthew Caruana Galizia must explain why he refused to offer help to people in distress during the pseudo-Covid-19 pandemic.

It was on 14th November 2020 when I emailed Matthew Caruana Galizia.

I did so because I was trying to reach out to every flake of hay so that hopefully people can come along to help me in any way possible to save my dad. My brother and I were doing our best and holding on to anything. Living from each second to the next, each minute to the next, each hour to the next and each day to the next dreading that call to tell you that your father is gone was a trauma. And knowing all along that your father is being killed by a protocol and is an innocent lamb among the wolves made it a double trauma.

Feeling lost and confused in a Mater Dei’s corridor because the ITU regime was first in a meeting with my brother while you read on the media that a 66-year-old man has just died “of Covid” while in ITU and you don’t know if that is your 66-year-old dad or not, with your mother calling you asking you “Miet il-pa’?” is the kind of trauma which I remind the Government, Fearne and the coalition that will not make me stop not even if I drop. I felt like dying when a nurse then escorted me in the board room to be informed by the ITU regime that dad is in his last hours and that they will decide during a meeting to see if my dad needed blood after I ordered them to give him blood in this same meeting.

If you think for one second that such traumas are suddenly erased and forgotten then clearly you do not understand a thing about how human psychology functions. These traumas are stored in the memory of our brain and in our DNA and they keep haunting you from time to time. They remain with you forever.

At the time I had not been given the kind offer from Profs Mercieca to use his site to write. I remind the readers that my first blog “The bogus PCR-test – (Part 1)” was published on this site on the 23rd of November 2020:

Marica Micallef writes about THE BOGUS PCR-TEST (PART 1)

Before this kind offer by Profs Mercieca I was reaching out to anyone I thought was on the side of justice. And since the Galizias claim that they are seeking justice I decided to go on the page “Daphne Caruana Galizia Foundation” ( and contact them. After all this site boasts that it has a clear strong mission of Justice, Journalism and Memory which is divided into the following statements:

“Ensuring the public interest of full justice for Daphne’s Assassination,” “Supporting efforts to protect investigative journalists,” “Ending impunity for the murder of journalists,” “Guardianship of Daphne’s work,” “Promoting a culture of public interest litigation,” “Supporting independent non-partisan media”.

So I contacted the Director Mr Matthew Caruana Galizia himself:

Dear readers and truth seekers of good faith, this is the thread. My first email was sent on 14th November 2020 at 21:52. Matthew Caruana Galizia replied on 19th November 2020 at 19:53.

Then I sent a lengthy email on 20th November at 00.46 explaining the help I would have appreciated, the research I had in hand at the time and some queries of which I did not have any proof but on which I wanted investigation. As you can see from my reply I also spoke up for others because my ego happened to have been alchemized by humility long ago. Any assistance would have been appreciated. You can clearly see by the email’s time that I was hardly sleeping. I have divided this lengthy email into two overlapping screenshots in which you can read what I was seeking and dreaming of in a world where you can say I am a dreamer but it seems that I am the only one:

But then there was silence from Matthew Caruana Galizia. No reply. No feedback. No help, dear readers and truth seekers. I would have thought that with such a story the Galizia and the Foundation would jump into a deep investigation and expose the truth.

Dear readers and truth seekers, from the above joke and farse of the Foundation’s mission you can do an erase and rewind of the statement “promoting a culture of public interest litigation” since it is clear that the Galizia Foundation refused to help me getting access to justice when there was a clear state collusion in the Covid-19 criminal activity; and while holding the rubber tight in one hand take a pen and after the mission statements “supporting independent non-partisan media” and “supporting efforts to protect investigative journalists” write “except Simon Mercieca & the rest of his site’s writers and”

The Foundation and its Director are just “supporting partnerships with European and international counterparts facilitating their access to funding for investigative reporting projects and legal and digital security support.” This is from where their pawns, frontmen and henchmen get their funds dear readers and truth seekers. And for getting these funds they must stick to a nefarious agenda.

The volunteers go to work like all of you every day.

Dear readers and truth seekers, if you still have a mask somewhere inside a drawer take it out, wear it and then remove it so that you start smelling the staged bullshit!

Matthew Caruana Galizia, can you give the Maltese nation and the world reasons why you and the foundation did not decide to do the nation and the world justice by investigating the corrupt criminal activity related to Covid-19 and help a female citizen who was the only one to have and show balls and fight a whole regime of a medical institution and the government while armoured and protected by God in the hype of the fakedemic to fight for her father’s life in her additional plight to seek justice and fight corruption in the biggest, corrupt crime against humanity?

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