How do children and all of us become owned by the State?

How do children or better still all of us become slaves to the state and even state-owned without realising it?

In another piece about mandatory vaccinations which have to be given to babies and children I have pointed out that this medical schedule already makes us tagged like cattle and turn us into biological properties of the state from our early years given to us without our consent and to which our parents are obliged to adhere to.

A comment I came across encapsules this “state ownership” correctly:

[Not only children are considered as belonging to the state… But even each and every one of us… This is why you are given a birth certificate!!
All this is done because the commoner is taught that God and the devil are just an idea instead of reality. The commoner has been taught a lot of idiocies that have been accumulating for hundreds of years… One such teaching is that the governments are there to protect you… But the truth is that the architects who have designed the modern states have designed them in a way so that they become a lovely trap that takes generational years but effective until it reaches its original plan… absolute control of humanity.

And this subject is a small piece from the conundrum which we are taught at schools.

P.S. If you think that with the vote you will be deciding the country’s direction then you have not understood anything from the trap in which we currently find ourselves in.]

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