Dr William Makis: In Canada 80+ doctors have passed away 2nd Grade Student and a teacher suddenly die kids struggling to concentrate post Covid-19 vaccination.

Too many deaths too many sudden deaths too many coincideaths since the roll-out of the Covid-19 vaccines. And while these souls are perishing the rest of us are meant to be distracted and kept busy by our daily problems daily schedules routines work and so forth in a parallel world which they created between the living and the killed.

In all the world there is an epidemic of “unknown cause” sudden deaths. In Canada it is now Alberta’s leading cause of death surpassing heart disease and dementia. And since doctors were forced to follow strict vaccination requirements 80+ Canadian doctors have so far passed away suddenly.

But deaths are not only limited to medical professionals of course. Surely they are limited to those who trusted their governments science doctors big pharma.They tried to do what they thought was right to protect themselves others their families their livelihoods. Now we are witnessing the first result of this omen – many are gone.

While interviewed by Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson Dr. William Makis (https://gettr.com/user/MakisMD) also shared some heartbreaking news:
“It’s not just doctors who are dying suddenly or unexpectedly. Of course doctors are the most vaccinated young people. Most of them have had four shots even five shots. They have to be fully vaccinated to be able to work. But it’s other professions that are seeing sudden deaths as well. We’re seeing it in nurses. We’re seeing it in paramedics police firefighters — but now we’re even seeing it in teachers.

I’ve recently been contacted by an Alberta teacher who wishes to remain anonymous but this individual told me that they’ve just lost a grade 2 student in their school.They’ve just lost suddenly — sudden death. They’ve also lost a teacher in their 30s — also sudden death sudden cardiac death. And they are panicking.

For them this is unprecedented. And they’ve reached out to me and they said they’ve been silent. They’ve been silent up to now but they’re seeing sudden deaths. They’re seeing injuries kids are getting immune reactions — asthma. They’re having all kinds of reactions; they can’t concentrate in class. Kids can’t concentrate in class after the vaccination. So this is really really worrying. And teachers are now starting to reach out to me and tell me what they’re seeing in the classrooms.”


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