Dr Jane Goodall on World Depopulation at the World Economic Forum.

Former Baroness Dame Jane Morris Goodall or Jane van Lawick-Goodall is an anthropologist and primatologist from England. After 60 years of researching the social and family dynamics of wild chimpanzees she is regarded as the foremost authority on chimpanzees. When Goodall first visited Tanzania’s Gombe Stream National Park in 1960 she saw chimpanzees engaging in human-like behaviors there including fighting.

She is the creator of the Jane Goodall Institute and the Roots & Shoots initiative and she has dedicated a great deal of her career to promoting animal welfare and conservation. She has been a member of the Nonhuman Rights Project’s board since 2022. She was designated a UN Messenger of Peace in April 2002. Goodall is a World Future Council honorary member. She is known for short as Dr Jane Goodall.

Here she is at the World Economic Enslavement Forum talking about depopulation:

“And then finally we cannot hide away from human population growth. Because it underlies so many of the other problems. All these things we talk about wouldn’t be a problem if there was the size of population that there was 500 years ago.”

The world population five hundred years ago would have most probably been around 500 million. It coincides pretty much with the Georgia Guidestones (which have been the target of an explosion last year) first principle which says: “Maintain humanity under 500 000 000 in perpetual balance with nature.”

Why are they all fixated with the population of the world? Why are the globalist Elites obsessed with drastically reducing the population of the planet?

And people wonder why they were so desperate to get the experimental mRNA injection into 8 billion arms.

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