Communism is putting Israel at a turning point with Netanyahu’s quest to overhaul the judicial system.

The Elites have put cronies in every place to do their bidding. In France we have Macron. In Israel we have Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu his colleague Justice Minister Yariv Levin and the Religious Zionist MK Simcha Rothman who chairs the Knesset’s law and justice committee.

These three Israelis are driving Communism’s car while taking Israel for a rough ride. What is the Israeli government trying to do?

“Among a raft of far-reaching proposals from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s new government are plans to allow a simple majority of 61 in the 120-seat Knesset to override almost any supreme court rulings and to allow politicians to appoint most of the justices to the bench.” In other words the government is trying to overhaul the judicial system.

What is also important is that Levin and Rothman both have long-standing animosities toward Israel’s supreme court because they believe it to be excessively powerful and biased against the settler movement Israel’s ultra-religious community and the Mizrahi community which is made up of Jews with Middle Eastern ancestry.

“Israel’s supreme court plays an outsized checks-and-balances role as the country does not have a formal constitution or second legislative chamber.”
The government’s action could aid Netanyahu in avoiding prosecution in his corruption trial which triggered four years of political crisis in which Israel was split over whether he was fit to lead the country.

The most right-wing government in Israeli history was formed by a coalition of right-wing and religious parties led by Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud after a series of five elections since 2019 in which politicians from both sides failed to form stable governments.

The coalition’s goals include the complete annexation of the occupied West Bank the repeal of pro-LGBTQ+ laws the elimination of laws defending women’s and minority rights and a relaxation of the rules of engagement for Israeli police and soldiers.

Because of this protests have now erupted in Israel which is being reported to be the largest protest movement in Israeli history. The Israelis are concerned that such proposals will lead to the erosion of democratic norms and the rule of law.

“Protest organizers vowed to escalate demonstrations if the coalition doesn’t halt its legislative proposals which lawmakers are due to advance next week declaring this coming Thursday a ‘national day of paralysis.’“

“‘Next week Israel’s government intends to pass the dictatorship and religious coercion law ’protest organizers said in a statement Saturday.”
Thus for the 11th consecutive week hundreds of thousands of Israelis took part in nationwide protests in various cities against the government’s attempts to shackle the court.

There have been demonstrations outside the Knesset in Jerusalem and there have been several “days of disruption” during which protesters have blocked highways and Tel Aviv airport. Demonstrators also had to scuffle with the security forces.

A few of the protests have descended into violence with multiple acts of violence against protesters.

The economy of the country is also taking a toll. Even some military reservists have threatened to refuse service in protest.

It is clear that this judicial bill seeks to curb the powers of the supreme court in appointing judges and allows parliament to override its decisions but the crook and dictator Netanyahu says that these reforms are needed to curb the overreaching powers of judges. But opponents claim that these laws threaten the democracy of the country and can open doors for corruption.

The Israelis like the French did not make a contract with a dictator but with a democracy which clearly is on its way out.

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