Chris Fearne you can fool a nation once but you cannot fool it twice!

Dr Chris Fearne is a politikant in a unique category of lies, lies, and more lies accompanied by fake statistics fake pandemics fake vaccines but real deadly protocols and real deadly vaccines.

Malta Today has reported that: “Health Minister Chris Fearne is insisting that the court’s judgment to annul the hospitals concession absolves him of responsibility.” But he cannot say that the Covid-19 protocol and all the staged bullshit absolve him of responsibility!

“In replies to MaltaToday Fearne’s spokesperson said the ruling showed the responsibility was not the deputy prime minister’s to shoulder referring to paragraphs 425, 427, and 431 of the judgment.”

“Paragraph 425 explains how Fearne had expressed his disappointment on the contractual obligations of the hospitals deal but Konrad Mizzi who was no longer health minister “for no logical reason or explanation” was still the government signatory for the Vitals contracts after 2017.”
“Government’s official reaction so far has been to say that it is studying the judgment and will safeguard the national interest workers’ jobs and the services patients enjoy as a result of the concession.”

What a joke! Wasn’t he part of the Cabinet of Muscat at the time? Why doesn’t he have the courage to reply to Malta Today but instead he sent a spokesperson? Why isn’t there one word from you Dr Fearne? Doesn’t it say a lot? And what are you doing sitting near the Vitals Healthcare Director Ram Tumuluri?

But the good things about liars is that they don’t have a memory which is good enough to help them become successful liars. And so it happens that back in October of last year Newsbook reported that Fearne “charged tack and defended the €80 million allocated in the government’s latest budget estimates for 2023 to Steward Healthcare.

Asked why the concessionaire’s budget allocation increased by some €10 million from the previous year which was €41 million more than the year before  Fearne put it down to “increasing health costs.””

“Denying that the €80 million was being pocketed by the private company Fearne said the funds allocated to Steward Healthcare covered the wages of doctors nurses and staff members at the Gozo Hospital and the Karin Grech Hospital and other expenses such as food cleaning medicines utilities and the health services offered at the two hospitals.

Speaking during a press conference on Thursday Fearne described Malta’s health system as “one of the best in the world.”

Asked about whether the controversial concession will be respected by government Fearne said this will not be revised or withdrawn unless court decides otherwise. “Only court can cancel the contract… if the court sentence changes the obligations of the parties then government will react accordingly.””

Whether he has or had his hands in the cookie jar or not Fearne still stood by this contract. Therefore he needs to carry the political responsibility for it. For one thing I know you can fool the nation once but you cannot fool it twice.

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