APS bank add the “Log in using fingerprint” option on the MyAPS app

The digitilisation of any human activity including banking and money is in full speed.

The banking system is already as digital it is. Your salary is given to you via direct debit. Your credit cards are digital. They come with pin numbers. Your apps also come with pin numbers. Do you pay bills online? Yes when you withdraw money you are given cash so the notes make you think that there is money. They are just notes a certificate of debt.

The banking system is also controlling. Try to withdraw or deposit a decent sum in your account and you are asked million questions. Pity it is not a Panama account.

And now APS has included the “Log in using fingerprint” option on their MyAPS app which many customers had been asked to download on their phone for “easier and more convenient” banking a few years ago. Now APS is making it “easier and more convenient” for you by adding this option. Did it ask whether you want it or not?

Was this a decision which was takeb by APS only or is this an order which was given to all the local banks?

Can the Central Bank explain?

Is this the way how the local banks will get the Maltese nation trapped into a digitilised controlled and totalitarian banking system by having such options inputted overnight without their knowledge after such decisions were taken at the backdoor?

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