Another instance of another coincident death following virtue signalling involves a 33-year-old husband from New York who appeared to love dogs.
According to Mr. Jordan Hayes’ Facebook page he received his first dose of experimental mRNA on or around February 23. Which shot he received is unknown. But at the time the only two experimental injections accessible for use in an emergency in the United States were Pfizer and Moderna.

A picture of a vaccination clinic appears to have been in the since-deleted Facebook post. The non-vaccinated in addition to failing society according to Mr. Hayes are “idiots” and “morons.” He emphasized that he was speaking “with all of my heart” when he delivered his message.

Mr. Hayes apparently received his second mRNA injection on March 24. He celebrated being “[fully] vaccinated” and now being able to “kiss everyone on the lips again.”

On or about July 1 Mr. Hayes went to the emergency room at Mount Sinai Hospital and complained of chest pains. From there his health began to rapidly deteriorate. He suffered from a heart attack that started as chest pains and for which he required two open heart surgeries. Throughout the procedures Mr. Hayes experienced numerous strokes. His death was reported on July 6 by a GoFundMe page. His widow is still alive.

Mr. Hayes enjoyed writing and loved dogs. There are only a few pictures of him with dogs left on his posthumously edited private Facebook page.

Calling the unvaccinated “idiots” and “morons” is not the best of name-calling when the Covid-19 vaccine puts you in a posthumous class of vaccine-induced death.

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