Woke scientists want to replace the terms “male” and “female” for “sperm-producing” and “egg-producing” so not to offend the LGBTIQA+

The Daily Mail has reported that “Woke scientists have called for the terms male and female to be replaced as part of a crackdown on ‘harmful terminology’ in science. Instead ‘sperm-producing’ and ‘egg-producing’ or ‘XY/XX individual’ should be used to avoid reinforcing ‘societally-imposed ideas of a sex binary’ researchers suggest. Even the terms mother father and fitness are in the firing line.”
According to the woke scientists and members of the Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (EEB) Language Project ‘much of western science is rooted in colonialism white supremacy and patriarchy’ which ‘continue to permeate our scientific culture’. So they argued that to “address this history” “harmful” scientific terms should be identified and revised to “foster inclusion”.

The term “morbidly obese” was also proposed to be dropped last summer as part of a larger effort to change language to be less offensive. How about dropping “insulting superior woke” and all its acolytes?

According to these woke researchers it is “particularly important for redressing the ongoing marginalization of many groups” for efforts to “champion inclusive language” in science. Thus together with scientists from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver and colleges in the US such as Michigan California and New Jersey they came up with a list of the top 24 scientific terms that are “harmful or offensive” along with “replacement terms” listed on the EEB Language Project website.

“Professor Frank Furedi an emeritus professor of sociology at the University of Kent told The Telegraph: ‘I think that when you characterise terms like male/female mother/father as harmful you are abandoning science for ideological advocacy. ‘Regardless of intent the project of re-engineering language will cause confusion to many and the last thing that scientists need is a lack of clarity about the meaning of the words they use.’”
This is the growing ideological use of science to legitimize policy and action best captured by the term “The Science” which in the practice of technocratic governance in the twenty-first century the instrumental application of science to the realms of morality politics and culture to validate policy and action plays a crucial role while also taking over!

Among the terms targeted one finds flagged “survival of the fittest” as they said it promotes eugenics ablelism and social Darwinism which should be replaced by “natural selection” or “survival differences”; the term “double-blind” which could be harmful to people with disabilities and:
“As well as male and female the words mother and father are criticised for perpetuating a ‘a non-universal’ view of ‘the parenting and birthing process’.”

“‘Parent’ ‘egg donor’ and ‘sperm donor’ are suggested as replacement terms.”


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