In Russia you can now pay for a trip on Aeroexpress using the Biometric Payment System after Moscow’s decision to extend such payment system to airport railway services.

The service was launched at Sheremetyevo Airport. Two turnstiles were connected to biometrics in the railway terminals in the Northern and Southern terminal complexes of Sheremetyevo Airport – they are indicated by special stickers. To use the contactless payment service you need to link your biometric data bank card details and Troika in the user’s personal account in the Moscow Metro application. Passengers who already use the service to travel to the metro and the MCC do not need to re-register.

“Users do not need to touch anything at the turnstile. The biometric system marked with special black stickers on turnstiles is available for all passengers that already use the service in the Moscow Metro and the Moscow Central Circle; new users can register on the Metro Moscow app.”

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