As I already reported Madonna might cancel her tour because of accusations of child trafficking and sexual exploitation of African through her charity organisation in Ethiopia “Raising Malawi”.

Now you might wonder but what is the fuss all about? No it is not that I am interested in Madonna or any other so-called idol or famous person. But my goal is purely to expose you to the information that is coming out there of some set-up charities and NGOs which are then truly secretive child trafficking engines?

‘Raising Malawi’ is a charity non-profit organization founded by Madonna in 2006 to help with extreme poverty among local orphans through health and education programming. However Ethiopian world federation has asked Malawi’s President to investigate her charity in the country and to look into “homosexual and transgender” allegations over the adoption of the Malawian children for possible “human trafficking and social experiments.”

In the meantime for any reason whatsoever Madonna has deleted all her posts:

And here is Madonna’s son David Banda who was adopted in Malawi who is used for those purposes as he wears women’s clothes and make-up:

Well let’s face it – her agenda is clear:

And her connections should be raising eyebrows:

I will explain in detail about the Kabbalah cult in future writings.

All those adults who are fighting for a better world for our children are the only ray of hope that remains for them. Staying silent and accepting anything that is being thrown at us is not the way!

Is Madonna’s “Raising Malawi” just a small picture of the larger picture of child trafficking and sexual exploitation behind charity organisations and the Elite?

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