Inside Townhall’s investigation of the suburban Zulock couple and LGBTQ paedophile ring. (3)

“The relative on Zachary’s side of the family who agreed to speak with Townhall on the condition of anonymity grilled Zachary during a series of recorded phone conversations in the fall of 2022 on who exactly Lawless is and how he knows the suspect:

‘I mean like I said I mean not everything that’s being said is accurate or true. So I mean and I’m trying not to lose everything ’ Zachary who’s being held separately from William while in pre-trial detainment replied. Zachary was transferred to Barrow County Detention Center and placed under ‘maximum’ security ‘due to the nature of the charges’ a jail staffer told Townhall.

‘Does this guy [Lawless] know you at all? Or is it some random thing? He’s just trying to rat somebody?’the relative asked.

‘Umm so last time he was here I told him something. And it’s—I told you—last time he was here I wrote him down something and gave it to him. Umm it’s something around those lines but more ’Zachary responded vaguely without explaining further.

Zachary insisted in a separate phone call: ‘All I can say is you know it’s not all true. That’s all I can say.’

‘I need someone in the family who doesn’t hate me. So I mean I can’t tell you what to feel or—I can’t cry right now around other people ’ Zachary pleaded in lock-up audibly starting to sob on the phone. “I just need somebody who doesn’t hate us!’ he cried.

‘Just don’t forget me ’ Zachary beseeched the relative at the end of their first call in September.

Zachary began frantically searching for Lawless’s profile on Facebook last January the relative who has access to his social media accounts observed. Over on Snapchat Zachary has active unopened chats with multiple men according to the source.

Zachary who lists his Snapchat username in his Instagram bio where the self-described activist brags about being ‘Papa to our two wonderful boys ’ admitted to sending such material to ‘less than a dozen people.’ There are other potential co-defendants under investigation that are ‘out there’ circulating videos of the Zulock boys Alcovy Judicial Circuit District Attorney Randy McGinley who serves Walton County told the court at a Sept. 7 bond hearing according to a transcript provided to Townhall.

‘They just view underage boys as sex objects ’ McGinley said of the Zulock co-defendants at the virtual court appearance.”

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