How inflation is affecting Americans who are also turning to buying from “all for a dollar” stores because of rising prices.

While the Great Reset is in full swing more Americans are trying to cut costs as inflation continues to put a strain on family finances. The ‘new normal’ has taken them to getting used to empty wallets and ending summer vacations as they have grown accustomed to modified supermarket shelf displays steadily rising prices for everyday items and their 401K losing tens of thousands of dollars per quarter. However this is only the beginning of a much larger issue. With energy prices up more than 40% and groceries up 12% families are cutting back on essentials and turning to dollar stores to do so.

Inflation is also forcing over half of Americans to consider second jobs.

When it comes to bills’ payment Americans are struggling to pay their bills amid inflation brace with rising heating costs. According to Mark Wolfe of the nonprofit National Energy Assistance Directors Association (NEADA) one in every six families is anticipated to be behind on their utility bills as a result of a scorching summer that required them to keep air conditioners running for longer than usual.

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