Beyond the Rainbow: Advancing LGBTQIA+ Rights at the Davos 2023 of the World Economic Forum – the Introduction.

In the continuous quest to cancel and ban anything that is organic and turn it into an LGBTIQA+ “diversity” show the agenda was discussed for a change at the World Economic Forum annual meeting of this year.

This was discussed by a panel of five people with the introduction and the discussion being in the hands of a homosexual journalist which in this piece I am going to tackle together with my thoughts in brackets:

“We’re here today not to talk about the stigma discrimination and repression that people continue to face around the world [like that which we are perpetuating on Christians and anyone who exposes and opposes our agenda]. We’re here to talk about the success stories of the best practice [how we are managing to cancel and ban anything and anyone who opposes our agenda.]some great examples from around the world [like Malta’s stories of Fr David Muscat and Matthew Grech]and how to implement this type of thinking [by having the media bombarding people like Fr David Muscat and Matthew Grech with the blessing of the Maltese government and taking them to court]and give people like me the opportunity to work in a safe workplace [while we massacre you so that we grant you the opportunity to work in an unsafe workplace]. When I jump on a flight anywhere around the world as a journalist in my work capacity or my private life I have to brief my boyfriend. Tell him not to hold my hand to particular countries.

You know there are things that you have to think about that other couples may never have thought about in their lives. [You know there are things that Christians have to think about that they might never have thought about would happen to them in their lives]. But again we’re here to talk about the positives and the progression [while not talking about the negatives and the regression] that we’re making [imposing] to give you an idea of how you [that is the leaders and all those present at Davos including our Minister for the National Heritage the Arts and the local Government Owen Bonnici and our Roberta Metsola President of the European Parliament] can make [that is endorse plan and impose]a difference as well in your company for your workforce for yourselves how you can change lives [and change the lives of those you persecute]and change the world to a certain extent [by eliminating Christianity and all those of good faith who do not want to live by our terms and conditions.]

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