A new study shows that Remdesivir also causes bradycardia: Dr. Fearne owes the Maltese nation an explanation about the authorization of its use on COVID-19 patients.

In the magical multifunctional wizardry of science remdesivir (also marketed as veklury) is said to be a broad-spectrum antiviral drug initially created by the biopharmaceutical company Gilead Science and it is administered by being injected into the veins.

Remdesivir was approved or authorized for emergency use to treat COVID-19 during the pandemic in many nations including little Malta even though it was initially created to treat hepatitis C and then for Marburg and Ebola virus. Big Pharma is an excellent Ministry of Magic as it comes up with four-in-one magic potions from its science altar.

Besides causing kidney failure it also happened that remdesivir causes liver inflammation and low blood pressure. This also explains why my father was being administered noradrenaline which is used to increase and maintain blood pressure in serious health situations. As for the liver damage the liver profile (serum) on my dad’s medical file also shows liver damage which started and aggravated while he was in ITU.

But it also happens that on the 7th of August 2020 Pfizer “announced a multi-year agreement with Gilead Sciences Inc. to manufacture and supply Gilead’s investigational antiviral remdesivir as one of multiple external manufacturing organizations supporting efforts to scale up supply of the investigational treatment for COVID-19. Under the terms of the agreement Pfizer will provide contract manufacturing services at Pfizer’s McPherson Kansas facility to manufacture and supply remdesivir for Gilead.

In March Pfizer launched a five-point plan which called on all members of the innovation ecosystem – from large pharmaceutical companies to the smallest of biotech companies from government agencies to academic institutions – to commit to work together in addressing the dire COVID-19 crisis.”

And now it also happens that a new cohort study published on 14th February has found a link between remdesivir and bradycardia. Bradycardia means a slow heart rate.

This study is entitled “Identification of Bradycardia Following Remdesivir Administration Through the US Food and Drug Administration American College of Medical Toxicology COVID-19 Toxic Pharmacovigilance Project” by Jason M. Devgun MD; Rongmei Zhang PhD; Jeffrey Brent MD PhD et al for the Toxicology Investigators Consortium FACT Study Group.

Among the findings they found out that “among 188 patients receiving remdesivir who had bradycardia the most substantial decrease in heart rate occurred within 24 hours of the loading dose.”

“Forty-two percent of the bradycardia cases were determined to be serious with the most common reason being an HR 45 bpm or lower (36.7%).
Their conclusion and relevance was: “In this cohort study bradycardia occurred during remdesivir infusion and persisted. Given the widespread use of remdesivir practitioners should be aware of this safety signal.”

Is it possible that when Big Pharma put such a product on the market such serious side-effects were ignored? Weren’t such side-effects studied during its manufacturing experiments or creation? What other damaging medicine do we have out there on the market killing you slowly if not quickly? How “safe and effective” is the medicine that you are prescribed to take? Doesn’t this mean that killing medicine is being sold even to hospitals? Why was it given emergency authorization to use as a treatment for the alleged ghost virus of Covid-19?

Is it possible that Big Pharma did not know that it causes kidney failure acute kidney injury liver damage and now even bradycardia?

Why do studies have to find these side-effects after such drugs are used on the market? Such studies should be done before and when medicine or any other drug is put out there on the market for the populace to swallow or be injected with it should be 100% safe and this includes also the scientific hailed unquestioned god – vaccines!!

So the EMA knew about the AKI that remdesivir was causing and yet it kept on being injected in ITU patients who allegedly had Covid-19! And now we also know that it causes bradycardia and yet this experimental drug kept on being pumped in all the people’s veins while they were on the ventilator! They crucified them on their beds not with nails but with catheters and left them to die without their knowledge as sedated as they were and alone without their loved ones by their side!

The biggest crime against humanity started being rolled out in hospitals with the blessings of the governments and health authorities thanks to the lobotomization of the brains from the faculties of medicine, surgery, sorcery and wizardry!

No wonder that in the only one time when I was called to visit dad for 15 minutes when he was in ITU 6 in which I was only allowed to stay near the nurses outside while looking at dad enclosed in the room behind the glass [we were sort of lucky because he was facing the door] a nurse had asked me “Does or did your dad suffer from any heart issues?”  I looked at her baffled and incredulous and answered “What? No! He was an excellent athlete and a referee and he never had any health issue let alone heart related ones.” She put her head down and mumbled “Because his heart rate is very low. Pray that the virus does not attack the kidneys.”

My father was almost sacrificed on the altar of “The Science.”

Dr Fearne, are you by any chance doing some research about remdesivir and looking for the answers in a book by Charlatan Pfizer in the library of the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry with the WHO Wizard Council among magic potions and charlatan quackish science class in one of the checkered lodges of Big Pharma Inc & Co et al?

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