Inside Townhall’s investigation of the suburban Zulock couple and LGBTQ paedophile ring. (5)

“’William went on to accuse Walton County law enforcement officials of ‘spinning some lies to seize our house ’ asserting: ‘I’ve come to find out that most of these police officers in this county smudge and lie just so they can get a higher conviction rate.’

‘Me and Zack worked our butts off for everything we’ve had ’ William later declared.

DA McGinley explained in an email to Townhall that his office had filed a civil complaint seeking to forfeit the Zulock property. “Forfeitures are a civil proceeding but handled by my office ” McGinley wrote. (In response the Zulocks filed an answer and then McGinley’s office filed a motion for a more definitive statement which states that the answer was insufficient under the law.)

The two Zulock men were both denied bond when Judge Foster determined that the co-defendants are threats to children in the community flight risks ‘at risk to commit new felony offenses ’ and could intimidate and influence witnesses or victims.

‘That was a sack of bricks that was dropped on everybody at the bond hearing ’ William commented to the relative.

Inside the ‘Gayest Place in Town’
Nestled within a suburban paradise the Zulock mansion turned-‘house of horrors’ had surveillance cameras installed in ‘every square foot’ of the property the family member told Townhall. There was also a ‘secret’ windowless room the size of a closet without any doors hidden behind a moveable bookcase in the home office that the cops left open which felt like something out of ‘a horror movie’ the relative said. Another ‘creepy; interior room devoid of windows was purportedly used as a ‘home theater.’

LGBTQ-pride paraphernalia littered the family’s extravagantly furnished four-bedroom five-bathroom house (plus a packed three-car garage) including a rainbow Mickey Mouse stuffed animal placed atop a ‘Love Above All’ pillow on the foyer’s loveseat where Zachary was swarmed by the SWAT team and a neon ‘Love is Love’ sign  that adorned the kitchen’s granite countertop.

The lamp’s pro-inclusivity phrase—a mainstream LGBTQ mantra that self-styled ‘minor-attracted persons'(MAPs) have co-opted in a rebranding campaign that attempts to normalize sexual attraction to children—is one Zachary frequently promoted online.

(The Zulocks own a collection of exotic pets including a gopher tortoise which Georgia recognizes as a protected species in violation of state law according to a ticket issued by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources. ‘In the interest of judicial economy ’ the state moved to dismiss the citation given the alarming lot of life sentences the Zulock co-defendants are facing.)

Zachary a Biden voter and ardent Black Lives Matter advocate who championed left-wing causes on Facebook also often posted images of the house’s exterior where a welcome mat emblazoned with ‘Gayest Place in Town’ sat at the front door.

‘Our business is our business. What happens in our home stays in our home ’ the gay couple allegedly told their abused sons.

Beyond the child sexual abuse as punishment during after-school hours  the Zulock boys were forced to stand in a corner for ‘eight hours straight’ over back-to-back days only being allowed to move to either eat or use the bathroom. William was also witnessed slapping their younger son ‘hard’ in the face. ‘They were just abused every possible way ’ the relative told Townhall.”

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