What is controlled opposition and what are its traits when it comes to Covid-19 and its agendas? (2)

So what are the things to look for so to understand that what you are hearing or reading is controlled opposition?
There is an information overload which generate high discussion volume and is time and energy consuming.
There is a “limited hangout” so to avoid revealing other truths.
There is a reinforcement of lies for example “most vaccines are fine” or “viruses cause disease” or “Covid-19 is a disease of the elderly” or “Covid-19 vaccines are a must for the elderly the vulnerable those who are immunocompromised and those who are not immunized with Covid.”
The truth is spoken but with misinformation and misdirection (99 truths to sell 1 lie.)
It makes people feel that something is being done for pacification means.
It promotes alternative medicine and therapies which are possibly harmful without explaining the side-effects.
It repackages what we already know.
It keeps people busy while the establishment of other agendas is in progress.
It fails to suggest solutions that translate into genuine resistance.
It suggests unrealistic or non-impactful solutions.
It exposes certain truths then the speakers discredit themselves to undermine the truths exposed and make others exposing those truths seem non-credible (blackwashing).
It puts out high volume of material with teams helping to go viral diverting attention and donations to these people and away from existing genuine grassroot groups causing genuine groups to become marginalised disempowered and cancelled.
It feeds misinformation which when shared makes the truthers the truth movement and people like myself seem crazy.
It feeds misinformation to keep people busy and confused.
It focuses on topics that might be true but which the masses will still reject as crazy.
It sabotages genuine efforts via incompetence poor suggestions conflict inaction drama etc.
It makes inflammatory remarks that appear unbalanced and unhinged making truthers seem irrational to those who can’t see the truth yet.
It discourages others from speaking out by being suspended and banned.
It requests copy of your research notes evidence contact list to pass on to the establishment.
It runs fundraisers with big promises without delivering much in practice failing to report back to donors with breakdowns of money use what was achieved what reusable resources were generated etc.
It takes money from donors to disempower them and diverts money from genuine efforts while empowering controlled opposition and the establishment.
In addition it is important to note the following:
Genuine anti-establishment people would find it hard to reach a large audience through regular public platforms or events.
The establishment would likely sabotage anyone genuine who attracted a large audience for example shutting down his or her social media silencing him or her through other means framing him or her for a crime discrediting him or her etc.
A genuine person would need to sue “stealth” means like flying under the radar to reach a large audience.
Anyone reaching a large audience through regular public platforms or events is almost certainly controlled opposition or isn’t exposing anything that the establishment considers a threat.
There could be the odd very rare exception but 99% or 100% of the time the points mentioned apply.
The establishments are smart and employ strategists and wargame experts. Thus there are multiple layers to their deceptions. They are expert at “playing” the truth movement and even boast about it.
Controlled opposition tries to go undetected and tries to seem on humanity’s side. Spotting them takes discernment research effort and seeking input from genuine people who have discernment. It is a skill to be honed every time.

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