The paedophile ring of the Elite and the doorknob suicides of celebrities. (1)

The fact that 13 wealthy celebrities and one royal have all passed away in a few years in remarkably similar and bizarre circumstances has gone unnoticed. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the mainstream media is unwilling to report on their ties to elite paedophilia rings that have close ties to influential figures in Washington Hollywood and the media and which all have the makings of a well-planned hit job intended to prevent others from speaking out with damaging political information.

After the passing of CNN reporter Anthony Bourdain former agent Robert David Steele noted that a growing number of whistle-blowers have all been discovered mysteriously “hanging from doorknobs”.

Following the passing of fashion designer Kate Spade only a few days earlier Bourdain allegedly had committed suicide. Spade was also discovered hanging from a doorknob just like Anthony Bourdain.

Both Spade and Bourdain were aware of a child sex trafficking ring associated with the Clintons. Agent Steele claimed that the details of the death have a significant symbolic significance that intelligence agencies can instantly identify: “Hung on doorknobs… means choked for speaking out against the cabal.”

Here is a list of celebrities who were all silenced and killed. What do they have in common? They were all found hanging from doorknobs. Doorknobs? Are they so dangerous? And how can one hang from a doorknob? How high are these doorknobs?

On March 17 2014 L’Ren Scott 49 a former love interest of Nate Rothschild (Rotschild is the Elite banking family) was discovered dead at her Manhattan apartment in the Chelsea district. No note was discovered and there was no evidence of criminal activity according to the police. The manner and cause of Scott’s death were determined to be “suicide by hanging” by the Chief Medical Examiner for New York City.

After appearing with Soundgarden at a concert at the Fox Theatre on May 17 Chris Cornell was discovered by his bodyguard hanging from the doorknob of his hotel room at the MGM Grand in Detroit. He was on the ground blood in his mouth and wearing an exercise band around his neck. Cornell was not able to be revived by an MGM medic or EMS personnel. He was declared dead at 1.30am. “Suicide by hanging” was found to be the cause of death.

Evidence that Chris Cornell was collaborating with his best friend Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington to expose an elite pedophile ring came to light after his tragic death.

And Chester Bennington also had the same fate. On July 20 2017 around 9:00 a.m. Chester Bennington’s housekeeper found his body hanging from a doorknob at his Palos Verdes Estates California residence. The cause of his death was determined to be suicide.

In addition due to a huge resemblance between Chester Bennington and John Podesta whom I already mentioned in another blog because of his paedophilic art and of having chaired the Hillary Clinton campaign for president in 2016 it is claimed that Chester might be Podesta’s son. Also it is important to note that John Podesta served as White House chief of staff to President William Clinton served as counselor to President Barack Obama and was also a member of the U.N. Secretary General’s High-Level Panel of Eminent Person on the Post-2015 Development Agenda. He is currently the senior adviser to President Biden. There is also an alleged resemblance between John Podesta and Laurence Rockefeller of the Rockefeller Elite family.

Did Chester lead singer of Linkin Park know certain dark matters about Podesta the Rockefeller and the Elite paedophile ring?

Tim Bergling a.k.a. Swedish DJ Avicii passed away on April 20 2018 not far from Muscat Oman. He was 28 years old. No immediate cause of death was given. According to the Omani police there was “no criminal suspicion” or proof of foul play in Bergling’s death as of April 21. According to TMZ’s report from May 1st the victim committed suicide after inflicting injuries on themselves. Although the full circumstances of his death were not disclosed TMZ claims that he sustained neck injuries as well as cuts from broken glass. It is unclear what the man’s neck wounds were but asphyxiation and hanging have both been considered as possibilities. After his death it was revealed that he was working to expose a prestigious elite paedophile ring with a video of his attempting to expose child trafficking circulating online.

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