The Fake Meat Agenda. (2)

So while Gates and his cronies will enjoy the highest quality of organic animal meat the rest of us are expected to eat artificially produced meat and probably other alternative meat sources that will contain more preservatives stabilisers additives hormones and other harmful substances which we shouldn’t be consuming. This is another form of population control.

Who do Bill Gates and the Elite think they are to tell humans what they should be eating when they themselves reserve for them the food that they are refraining the gentiles from eating?

A 2021 article from Bloomberg entitled “Inside the world’s largest synthetic meat factory” we read “Upside is trying to make lab-grown meat scalable affordable and desirable to consumers who like the taste of the real thing” after Upside Foods formerly known as Memphis Meats – opened the largest synthetic meat factory in the world. It’s designed to grow thousands of pounds of chicken beef and pork.

Backed by Bill Gatesand Richard Branson the company is betting consumers will go for vat-grown meat.”

Will this make the world totally rely on such companies? It would mean that we would be much less independent and self-sufficient people when it comes to food supply. This is extremely dangerous.

Now I as I have already stated do not eat meat and one of the reasons why I don’t is out of compassion for animals. But that does not mean that I will bow down to the Elite’s fake meat or any fake meat of any industry whatsoever or that I persuade others to stop eating meat. Unfortunately it is more the other way round – with meat-eaters trying to persuade me to eat meat or even make fun of me.

Western nations are already far too dependent on supply chains as it is and are already being poisoned by genetically modified food and crops.
And while nations are being sold man-made products as being better than the real thing when they tell us that GMO is better than organic and traditional and MRNA vaccines are better than your natural immunity nations are now being persuaded that this lab-grown and fake meat is better than real meat produced by massive corporate monopolies “for your health”.

Will there be some persuasive emotional manipulation involved in the promotion of fake meat products?

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