OECD cuts global growth forecast for 2023 — projecting Russia and Germany to fall into recession.

In September 2022 a 22 page long interim report was published on the OECD library analysing the economic forecast for 2023. OECD stands for “Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development.”

This report focuses on the effects of the war on the world economy and the energy crisis together with the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic which according to the report are still lingering. It adds that the war is dragging down growth more than anticipated and that inflation has intensified and become widespread across countries and consumer items and that the risk of energy disruptions has risen.

The world is paying a high price for Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine. The high humanitarian cost continues to grow and the global economic outlook has darkened further. The forecast is that Germany and Russia will fall into recession. If Germany enters into recession this will have an effect on the whole Western Europe Malta included.

It is all going as planned by the Globalist Elite when they architected the Great Reset.


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