The worldwide mainstream media have aided and abetted the pandemic throughout from pushing government scaremongering to pushing the jab and now printing death after death of healthy people without questioning why. And now it seems that everything is starting to creep back – with France and the United Kingdom joining Spain and Italy in requiring travellers arriving from China to provide a negative COVID-19 test result before boarding flights.

There has been utter damaging censorship in the media with those injured and dead being ignored and shut down. The media has got a lot to answer for. If there was an independent media there would have never been a pandemic and a crisis.

There is censorship going on which is disgusting and it’s at a level that is dangerous because it refrains to give people the truth.

Hence I am dedicating another piece to all those adults who have died suddenly after the roll out of the Covid-19 deadly vaccines as another tribute while we near the end of 2022.

11th July 2022: “‘One of the kindest’: Malden police officer dies unexpectedly at age 33.”[1]
23rd July 2022: “Jerry Ward passes away suddenly at the age of 46”.[2]
3rd August 2022: “41-year-old father from Sydney Australia dies suddenly during his morning surf routine.”[3]
12th August 2022: “43-year-old medical doctor author and editor dies suddenly after seizure.”[4]
6thAugust 2022: “‘He touched the hearts of so many’: Emmerdale actor Sam Gannon dies suddenly at the age of 31 while visiting family in California.”[5]
9th August 2022: “Devoted mother dies in her sleep beside children on flight from Hong Kong to U.K.”[6]
16th August 2022: “Darius Campbell Danesh dead: pop idol star dies ‘suddenly’ at home aged 41.”[7]
16th August 2022: “American tourist reportedly suffers fatal heart attack on La Soufriere Mountain.”[8]
16th August 2022: “Top British heavy metal frontman dies suddenly and unexpectedly aged 62.”[9]
20th August 2022: “49-year-old high school principal and former super bowl champion died suddenly while riding his bicycle.”[10]
20th August 2022: “Mystery surrounds death of Kidderminster mum who died while on phone to GP.”[11]
23rd August 2022: “Mountain bike champion Rab Wardell 37 dies in his sleep two days after winning title.”[12]
23rdAugust 2022: “Ontario paramedic dies suddenly while on jet ski at U.S. cottage family says.”[13]
23rd August 2022: “Huddersfield husband’s heartbreaking tribute to wife and mum-of-three who died suddenly after falling ill at beach.”[14]
24th August 2022: “30-year-old rugby player dies suddenly leaving family and friends ‘completely shocked’.”[15]
28th August 2022: “Dolphins executive Jason Jenkins 47 dies unexpectedly team says.”[16]
28thAugust 2022: “Derbyshire grandma who could ‘light up any room’ dies suddenly aged 49.”[17]
29th August 2022: “Wasau morning news anchor Neena Pacholke suddenly passes away.”[18]
19th September 2022: “Sudden death of leading English musician 51” – Paul Sartin oboist and violinist of the Bellowhead band died suddenly at 51. He collapsed shortly before taking the stage.[19]
11th October 2022: “Martine McCutcheon shares heartache as brother 31 dies suddenly.”[20]
19th October 2022: “Veteran dies after suffering heart attack on Disney World attraction with wife.”[21]
17th October 2022: “Haitian singer Mikaben dead at 41 after collapsing on stage in Paris.”[22]
17th October 2022: “Magician who starred in Spanish version of BGT dies after collapsing on stage mid-show.”[23]
21st October 2022: “How a beloved mum of three – who was pregnant to her fourth – suddenly dropped dead while doing her make-up..”[24]
21st October 2022: “EastEnders star Josephine Melville who played Tessa Parker in the 1980s dies backstage after performing in a play.”[25]
24th October 2022: “An absolute icon: Ex-Louisville Cardinals cheerleader dies unexpectedly at 30 – as ‘Cheer’ star Gabi Butler mourns her 10-time national cheerleading champion friend as ‘too good of a person’.”[26]

These sudden deaths are going to become so common that they won’t be mentioned anymore by the lying mainstream media.


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