One of the worst white-collar vices ever committed by the Clinton Foundation

There are a lot of grey areas surrounding Bill and Hillary Clinton. One of them is the Clinton Foundation which folded so suddenly after Hillary was no longer in a position of influence.

If one visits the National Center for Charitable Statistics website where one can easily obtain the latest tax return on any charitable organisation one gets the following figures of the official copy of the Bill Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation tax return for 2014.
The number of Employees for this foundation was that of 486 with a total revenue $177 804 612.00 and total grants to charity being $5 160 385.00 that is less than 3%. The total expenses were $91 281 145.00 which include salaries amounting to $34 838 106.00 and fund raising fees of 850 803.00. Other expenses have costed $50 431 851.00. Travel expenses have costed $8 000 000.00 meetings $12 000 000.00 with net assets/fund balances $332 471 349.00.

So it required 486 people who were paid $34.8 million plus $91.3 million in fees and expenses to give away $5.1 million! Is this charity?
This is one of the biggest white-collar crimes ever committed. And just consider that one of the participants wanted to be elected as President of the United States while another was a former president.

To add insult to injury this is no foundation at all. It goes way beyond that. The Clintons happen to have multiple foundations and shell companies in the biggest charity fraud in the history of mankind.

Here are the multiple foundations and shell companies that the Clintons own:
A) Clinton Bush Haiti Fund registered 1/28/10 and dissolved 12/27/12
B) Clinton Climate Initiative (CCI)
C) Clinton Development Initiative (CDI)
D) Clinton Family Foundation: in NY registered in 2001
E) Clinton Foundation: in AR registered 1998
F) Clinton Foundation: in Hong Kong registered 2014
G) Clinton Foundation: in Haiti
H) Clinton Foundation: registered to this address in Sweden: Birger Jarlsgatan 55 Stockholm SW 11145
I) Clinton Foundation HIV/AIDS Initiative (CFHAI): bogus co. run under CF
J) Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership (CGEP): in Canada (Frank Giustra) many connections here.
K) Clinton Giustra Sustainable Growth Initiative (CGSGI)
L) Clinton Global Citizens Award (CGCA)
M) Clinton Global Initiative (CGI): in AR registered 2005
N) Clinton Global Initiative Asia (CFIA)
O) Clinton Global Initiative University (CGIU)
P) Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI): total fuckery on back-dating this one but claim to be around since 2002. Registration in MA not until 2009
Q) Clinton Health Matter Initiative (CHMI)
R) Clinton Hunter Development Initiative (CSBI)
S) Clinton Institute (CI)
T) Clinton Small Business Initiative (CSBI)
U) Ciudad Verde Amarilo Triada Frailejon III: in Bogota
V) Clinton Institute (CI)
W) Clinton Small Business Initiative (CSBI)
X) Ciudad Verde Amarilo Triada Frailejon III: in Bogota
Y) The Clinton Initiatives (TCI)
Z) The Clinton Museum Store (TCMS)
AA) William J. Clinton Foundation (Kenya) Charity Trust: in Nairobi
BB) William J. Clinton Foundation UK: in London – dissolved on 10/10/17
CC) William J. Clinton Foundation (WJCF)
DD) William J. Clinton Presidential Center (CPC)
EE) WJC Investments (William Jefferson Clinton for profit)
FF) WJC LLC (William Jefferson Clinton for profit)
GG) Too Small to FailHH) Onward Together: Hillary’s most recent scandal
II) Haiti Development Fund LLC: in NY (50% ownership)
JJ) Acceso Fund LLC: in NY (50% ownership)
KK) Acceso Ofertal Local: in Colombia (fruit/veg supply)
LL) Acacia Development CO: in NY (investment)
MM) Acceso Worldwide Fund Inc.: in NY (investment)
NN) Fondo Acceso Sas: in Colombia – subsidiary of Acceso Fund LLC
OO) Acceso Cashew Enterprise Ltd: in Maharashtra IN (cashew co)
PP) Tukula Farmin Company Ltd: operates in in Kasungu Malawi and Mchinji
QQ) Moyo Nuts and Seeds Ltd: in Limbe MI
RR) Moyo Development Company: in Africa
SS) Acceso Peanut Enterprise Corp: in Haiti (false address and doesn’t exist)
TT) Acceso Boyaca SA: in Colombia (50% ownership)
UU) Chakipi Acceso SA: in Lima PE (50% ownership)
VV) Ruaha Development Co Ltd: in Upanga Tanzania

It is clear that the Clintons have been on a thirty year spree.

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