DUST magazine and Balenciaga are among the few which through “fashion” promote paedophilia.

“DUST” is described as a biannual European magazine about “fashion and its opposites”. It had its debut in 2010 with its base in Berlin and is distributed worldwide.

It featured Marina Abramovic strangely photographed with a young boy with a nude-torso while covering his eyes and touching his chest. Creepy isn’t it?

Here are more creepy photos from this same magazine:

This one has young children bent over naked. Child sex trafficking and sexual abuse anyone?

This one depicts a baby with adult male genitalia:

This one depicts a corporate adult wearing a suit wrapping his arms around the neck of a young boy who looks like a girl or a girl who looks like a boy:

And then we have this one:

This one shows a man wearing a Balenciaga shirt naked with his genitals out and holding a baby:

Balenciaga is a “fashion” company which was accused of promoting paedophilia with the creepier than creepy way it depicted children in its photos when it unveiled its “Toy Stories” holiday campaign in which children were featured “holding bags shaped like teddy bears wearing bondage gear”. The images shown in this footage below feature children surrounded by their toys but photographed near wine glasses and other trinkets while holding plush bears with battered eyes that were dressed in fishnet tops and leather harnesses. Are the companies which supplied the wine glasses and their brand also in the same paedophilic ring? Balenciaga was then in another controversy in another ad which had to be pulled out leading “the luxury fashion house to issue its second apology in a day after a Supreme Court decision on child pornography laws was spotted in an earlier ad”.


So was its holding company Kering:

How many other “fashion” magazines and companies are in reality promoting paedophilia with hidden messages through what they call “fashion”?
The world is being run by ruthless paedophiles and we are being bamboozled by magazines fashion companies ads and people who protect these ruthless paedophiles who are trying to normalise sexualising kids and paedophilia and we’ve had enough because we will never accept the evil that is being made to look good.

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